Lao/Thai Soap Opera

Pleng Ruk Rim Fang Kong Lakorn
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I just got done watching the Lao Lakorn (soap opera) starring Weir and Alexandra.  I can definitely confess that I was obsessed with that love story!  Thank God for Darly at for posting the episodes! I was like a druggie who was hooked!  The Lakorn was so good because of the chemistry between the two lead actors.  Also the songs were awesome.  In fact I liked the songs so much I ordered the CD from  If you have nothing better do or needed to be reminded of what a good Lao love story is then you need to watch it. has all the episodes. I love the story because it shows how traditional Lao courtship is  like: sweet and tender.  The Lakorn reminded me of my teenage years growing up as a young woman in the Lao community. It brought back memories of how the young Lao men showed  how they liked you through sweet compliments and songs. The guys took the time to make you feel special and pretty through with their teasing.  I don’t think dating is like that anymore.  I think we rush through the process of getting to know someone because we get toobusy or just plain lazy to put too much effort into winning someone’s heart.


2 thoughts on “Lao/Thai Soap Opera

  1. amphone

    You mean, when you were dating, he pay and when you got married, you pay deary?

    I think Lao men are generally loving and kindhearted. Take me for example, I’m kinky and hard. Put that together you got a kindhearted man. Just kidding Teach.

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