Ten Indicators that you grew up in a traditional Laotian household!

Category: Quiz/Survey

1. Since you were not allowed to go anywhere, you didn’t need a curfew!

2. No boyfriends if you are a girl unless you want to end up married to him!

3. No talking back to your parents. Go ahead and try to assert your rights, and you will end up with a palm imprint on your face!  

4. Girls, you are the cook, babysitter, and maid in the house and no you didn’t get paid for it either! 

5. Girls, no dressing like a hoochie or acting like one. Go ahead and be called a eheekill by the community!

6. You are a reflection of your parents so when you do something bad, people will say they didn’t raise you right.

7. You were taught from an early age that you have to support your parents when you they get older. Don’t even think about putting them in an old folk’s home!

8.  Your parents hit you in public when you do something annoying or wrong. Standing next to a cop will not stop them from  whacking you on the head.

9. Show respect to your elders at all times even the ones who don’t deserve it!

10. Always listen to your parents because they know what’s best for you. Even if they give you advice you have not intention of following, just nod your head and smile unless you want a 10 hour lecture on respect!



3 thoughts on “Ten Indicators that you grew up in a traditional Laotian household!

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  2. Lyhn

    This was hilarious! There are many more to add. I am not Laotian, but was raised by a laotian family (fresh off the boat!) Don’t ask, its a long story. Being a girl was the worst, and I was spared no rod. The curfew did not exist, and waiting up until two or three in the morning to start cooking for those who had just come home from work was common. Thai movies with Grandma was a constant, and learning the language was always interesting. Long lectures into the wee hours about being sluts and how to marry a rich man were common brainwashing techniques used by our elders. I could go on for pages but not enough text here. Just thought I’d let you know, I pretty funny found this and accurate!

  3. karmadiva

    Lyhn I’m so excited that you thought my list was funny and accurate! Please feel free to add to it! Trust me there’s plenty of space here for you to tell your story. I am interested in hearing how you were raised by a Laotian family even though you are not one.

    Even though I was being funny, the sad thing is that it is true what we go through! I’m glad you were able to relate to it! I almost forgot the Thai soap operas and the Indian movies. I think my parents spend so much money on rental.

    We used to have poker parties at my house where all these adults would play cards the whole weekend. My sister and I were stuck cooking and cleaning for the adults. We were their personal maids and server!

    It’s crazy how our parents would lecture us on the proper way to act as a young lady even though we haven’t done anything to warrant the finger pointing!

    Please feel free to add to the list here!

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