The Crossing

The Crossing

I wrote this poem in honor of all the refugees who risk their lives in order to find a better life for themselves.  My family were among  360,000 Laotians who left Laos during the early seventies. We were the lucky ones who made it out of Laos.  However, there were some Lao people who were not as fortunate.  I wrote this poem in remembrance of their struggle and sacrifice. I entered this poem into the poetry contest last year at  It received an editor’s choice award and it was published. I am invited to the International Poetry Convention in Vegas this July and I am still deciding whether I will attend or not. 

The Crossing

Silently the group of refugees
breaks through the jungle free
Eyes and ears straining to the dark
shores of the Mekong, too tired to walk.
Babies crying, mothers’ desperate pleas
Soldiers breaking through the trees
Screaming, ” Get on your knees”
Fathers, brothers, sisters begging,
“Please let us make it to the crossing.”
Gun shot ringing, rat-a-tat-tat
people dropping, crimson splat.

Copyright ©2007 Anasone Aragon


2 thoughts on “The Crossing

  1. amphone

    It hard to find story such as this one now days. There is so much to tell. This is one story that have no care for. But I do. I remember. I left Laos when I was 9, just completed my fourth grade. Somehow I can remember cleary my childhood. I remember the temple courtyard, the monsoon, the sling shot fight, the lizard hunt using string and pole, the games I played with my school mates, the mekong,…I often found myself emotional when thinking about my childhood. As a child I often wondered, what happen? Why do we have have to to and where is dad?
    It searched for years to finally come to term with myself. It’s sad. understani

  2. karmadiva

    Amphone, thank you for sharing. I left Laos when I was about four, but I still remember like you! I have many memories of Laos and it’s like an everpresent photo album inside my head and heart that I flip through when I’m alone. Please feel free to tell me your story and what you remember and I will post it. You can email it to me and I will put it in the story section!:)

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