Just another Day

My beloved grandma has survived many wars, many tragedies, and lost loved ones.  She is a survivor and I wrote this poem in honor of her bravery and her ironclad will to survive.  This poem is based on a memory I have of my grandma when my sisters and I lived with her in Laos.  I have this memory where my grandma sat and weave at the loom when soldiers shown up at our village.  Everybody else ran and hide, while she continue to weave and listen to her folk songs on the radio.   I never got a chance to ask her if this memory was real or not or if I imagined it.  Hopefully, one day soon I will be able to go see her in Laos and ask her. It does not matter because I wrote the poem to show her how I see and feel about her.  Here is to all the brave and courageous grandma in the world.

Gun shot ringing

radio on,  grandma humming.

Soldiers advancing

creeping,running sweating.

Villagers hiding

grandma still weaving.

Hands deftly swinging

silk threads intertwining.

Danger closely pressing

grandma never flinching.


3 thoughts on “Just another Day

  1. Hi Karmadiva, that’s a very touching poem, I don’t have much memory of the war in Laos and mainly because we left Laos when I was young. My mom told me story about her dried up sticky rice and placed in a pouch to wear at all times and when dangers were near, the villagers would go into hiding and she’d eat those dried rice, if placed in your mouth for a period, then it’d soften up and that was how they survived during those hard times. My older sisters could remember this but I was too young, might not even been born yet, my dad’s profession didn’t allow us to stay in one place, so we were born in different regions in Laos, with 8 daughters, my mom had a rough life but I’m glad that she got to enjoy the good life in the US. I love hearing old stories, I’m glad that you’re writing in this prospective as well, some of us are not as fortunate to have a good source or even someone to tell us what really happened back home, thanks. 🙂

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