Visit Lao by Alexandra Bounxouei

I absolutely love this song sung by Alexandera Bounxouei.  It reminds me of old folk songs I have heard before about Laos.  It tugs at your emotions and pulls at your heart.  It really makes me think of Laos because it’s so nostalgic. It’s difficult to describe the sense of homecoming or familiarity I feel when I listen to the words.  I feel the same sense of warmth and comfort when I listen to this song as when I wrap myself in my favorite  fuzzy blanket.  Another way to describe how I feel is when I get that deja vu feeling, like I have experience something similiar before but can’t remember where and when. That sense of longing is bittersweet and long-lasting. Even though I left Laos when I was four, a part of me misses it when I listen to this song or similiar songs about Laos. Listening to Lao music gives me a sense of  peace and contentment.


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