Losing it! No, not the hair!:)

me and me 

Losing it! These two simple words can be translated to mean several things for different people. For example, for some people the “it” can mean anything from… weight, attitude, memory, services, money etc… Lately, these words have dominated my thoughts and my mouth! Specifically, this week I have been thinking these words and verbalizing it quite frequently. I have been whining like a little kid to my co-workers about my affliction , but they would just laugh and say I was too young to be “losing it” meaning my sanity and my grip on things. However, I beg to differ I told them. Since they are older they comforted me with the thought that I am not supposed to be suffering from senility yet. Yes, I am and  have always been dramatic in speech, mannerism, and behavior, but my crazy, busy life has finally caught up with me and has me in a choke hold! I’m starting to believe my cousin that multitasking makes us dumber or at least more forgetful and less productive. After researching this topic further, I have to concede that multitasking can be counterproductive in our personal and professional lives! Read the article I have linked and tell me what you think! Do you feel like you are also losing it?!  Are you doing too much? Do you feel overwhelm?  Are you doing three things at one time right now? All I can say is we need to slow down!

Teaching full time, sponsoring two clubs, tutoring students, single-handedly taking care of two kids, and throwing in my yoga classes in the mix has me conceding, “I’m losing it!” Okay, dramatic I admit, but even my doctor told me I have to slow down because it’s madness trying to be Wonder Woman! Even though I love and admire Wonder Woman maybe I should look for another heroine to be… someone who doesn’t do anything except bum around. Let me know if you guys know of any lazy super hero I can imitate!


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