In the past two days,  the word karma has wedged itself into my conversation as well as my “daily routine”.  On Sunday, I went to Vitamin World to go pick up some Instant Green Tea and ended up having a surreal conversation with the young lady who works there.  One minute we were discussing green tea,vitamins , movies and the next we were talking about gut instincts, deja vu, premonitions, and karma.  We both shared our personal stories about all areas.  We both agreed that when we have premonitions about events or things, we usually see that as a warning of some sort… whether to not go on a trip, or be more attuned with what is going on around us. Like she was telling me about a lady she knew who had visions of September 11th before it happened, but the difference was that in her vision she saw two planes hitting what looked like a mountain.  The lady shown the drawing she did to others.  Another story the young lady shared with me was about a gentleman who went to her church.  She said he was nice enough (maybe too friendly), but there was something artificial about him… something about him that gave her the creeps.  She said her gut instinct told her to stay away from him.  She thought she was the only one who felt like this until she spoke to another young lady and the girl used almost the same words to describe the man.  I commented to her that I always trust my gut instinct to guide my actions when it comes to judging others, or interacting with them. I am a people person and I can get the majority of the people I met to talk to me about their lives the first time I meet them. 


As most of you know, I believe in Karma, the whole idea of what goes around comes around.  Since I want only good things to “return to me” I try to live my life in a positive way.  Today, I saw my little motto in the oddest place! I was washing my hands in the faculty bathroom and had dried my hand when I noticed that someone had taped the following words on the bottle of lotion:  Kofa faculty Bathroom—- Karma:  what goes around comes around.  I chuckled to myself when I read it because the person who had taped that message was in a sense warning people to not steal the lotion from the bathroom unless they wanted someone to steal from them.  Goes to show you I am not the only one to believe in Karma and yes tomorrow I will attempt to find out who had taped the message on the bottle.


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