Message in a Bottle

As I read the last line on my recent post on Karma, four words stood out… message in a bottle.  Maybe it stood out because I was reminded of the movie by the same name starring Kevin Costner… a sweet and poignant love story. The movie is actually based on a book by one of my favorite author:  Nicholas Sparks.  The book is based on the love story of his parents who was married for over twenty-seven years.  They were deeply in love.  Sadly his mother was killed in a freak horse riding accident.  As a result of that tragic lose his father mourned her deeply and essentially did not move on until seven years after her death.  According to Nicolas Sparks, after all those years of being alone, his father eventually fell in love again and had just gotten engaged when he tragically lost his life “when he fell asleep  at the wheel and died.”

The main plot of the movie reflects this tragic event.  Nicolas Sparks said the theme of the story/ movie is ” love after grief.”  Ideally the readers or the movie goers should feel uplifted  by this message that even though we might lose a loved one we will one day love again.  You have to watch the movie to see what I mean.  The following poem I started is to convey this message that life is too short and that when we love we should do it passionately, mindlessly, and blindly.  I am not advocating foolishly falling in love with the first person you see!  What I am saying is once we find that special someone we should love them without reservation.  My message in a bottle is these lines… yes, it might sound corny but just go along with me! Help me finish this poem! 🙂

Love unendingly, relentlessly, fiercely

like the tidal waves crashing against the shores,

Fall deeply like the heavy rocks on the ocean floors.

Be in the moment like there is no sorrow

To cloud  your vision of love, no regret, no waiting till the morrow.

Hold fast to that love closely in the warmth of an embrace

like a life line, a saving grace.


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