Are some churches robbing its members blind?!

I have seen the light!  I wish more people could say that when it comes to religion.  Sadly, I’m not talking about finding God or salvation! Lately, it has come to my attention that some churches or should I say, some preachers are apparently taking advantage of the generosity of their devout congregation.  Of course I could be jumping to the wrong conclusion about this one pastor, in my town.  However, I stand by my conclusion that something fishing is going on. As usual, when it comes to standing up for people’s rights, I am passionate to the point of  blindness! I would not have made such a big deal about this issue if it had not been “thrown” in my face.

This year, I keep hearing my students talk about a church called Generations.  At first, I was thinking,”Wow! Awesome these kids are actually obsessed about something good!”  As the year progressed I started hearing more and more about this church and I can not help but think that this church is brainwashing its members.  Every time I would question my students about the church or  its preacher they would become defensive and angry that I dare ask them if the preacher is taking advantage of their devotion for monetary gains.  Read the article I have linked and judge for yourself.  Are some churches preying on the needed, the lonely, the outcast in society for their own gains?  Are they focusing more on material richness instead of spiritual wealth?  Am I being judgmental?


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