Shirataki Noodles

One of my favorite food is pho and I have discover a healthy substitute for the starchy noodle that is used in the soup. I found these Shirataki noodles at the Asian store in Phoenix, but I am pretty sure if you live in a town with a large Asian population you will be able to find it as well. If not you can also order it online even though it will be a little more expensive. Each package was about 1.25 at the Asian store. I found it among the food in the refrigerated area.

I am one of those people who always read food labels for the nutrition fact because I try to buy food that is high fiber, low fat, low sodium, low sugar, and low carb. The nutrition fact on the traditional Japanese noodles really impressed me because it is low carb, high fiber ( contains the dietary fiber glucomannan), and low calorie. However, I didn’t know if I was going to like it or how I was going to cook it, but decided to give it a try since it was healthy.

 Since I was craving Pho I went home and made it and decided to substitute the real rice noodles with the Shirataki. Note, there is a slightly pungent fishy smell when you open the package, but once you cook it the smell disappears. Just follow the instruction on the package on how to cook the noodles before you put it in the Pho soup. Personally, I love the chewey and crunchy texture of the noodles. I have added the link to the page that contains more information about this healthy noodles as well as to recipes .


8 thoughts on “Shirataki Noodles

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  3. amphone

    Pho is great for a quick fix. It’s economical as well. Are you sure about healthy part? I will have to check it out. Have you ever hear the Laotian expression, yai yon mi pee yon mama?

    Would you break up your writing in a few paragraphs for me? I am always interested in what you post. But my eyes hurt try to read all the small texts. I do agree with Friendly a little. But not the annoying part so don’t hit me…teacher. 🙂

  4. Laotian Teacher

    I LOVE pho and have tried different ways to make it. To even make it healthier you can use the Instant Beef Flavor Paste instead of boiling beef ribs for the soup part. The paste is in a jar and it has a picture of Pho in front.

    Amphone, you are getting old! Hahahaha because you say you can’t read my post. Just kidding! I will break it up for you and you are lucky you are not sitting next to me because I do hit people all the time! Don’t report me though for abuse because I don’t hit them THAT hard!:) I am one of those expressive people who use their hands to talk.

    What is yai yon mi pee yon mama? Are you asking if I want the mama noodles? ahhahahaa

    Oh yes I am sure that the Sharataki noodles is much healthier than the regular noodles we use because it is not as starchy. Also the Sharataki contains glucomannan. Read the link mister!

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  6. amphone

    Whew, much better.

    yai in Lao means grow. yon means because of. Pee means eat well and mama is that brand of noodle we grew up on.

    Now say it, yai yon mee, pee yon mama.

    It’s sort of like the other saying, yai yon pi (year), pee yon kao (food).

    Hahaha, enjoy your noodles since you love it so much.

    Good day.

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