Patriotic Song

I teach AP United States History.  I have about 160 amazing students.  I really love them because they exemplify what most teenagers are like or should be like.  These kids in my college level class inspires me to want to go to work because they are driven, determined, and intelligent.  Contrary to popular belief, teenagers are not as bad as some people say.  Of course my students are not perfect and they have moments where they are lazy, goofy or down right unfocused at times.  However, the majority of the time they amaze me because they give me hope for the future.  The more I interact with them, the more I feel confident that they will be awesome leaders.  Periodically, I will post some of our projects here because I want to showcase these awesome kids who will make a difference in the world one day.

My students had to write a patriotic song as a class assignment last semester.  Several of them did a wonderful job.  I was really touch by their songs because it really showcases how our teenagers are not not as uncaring about America as some people portray them.  The male student singing was in my freshmen English class when he was a ninth grader.  He is a junior now in my history class.  He is a top notch wrestler and an awesome student.  Some people will think that he can’t sing, but I have to admire his effort as well as those of the other students. 

Some of the students did take famous songs and used it as a guide for their patriotic songs.  Some of you will be able identify what the songs are and the artist as well.


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