Remembering Heath Ledger

By now many have heard of the death of Heath Ledger. I am devastated and saddened by this news. He was so young and gifted. I can’t believe he is gone. I had just watch him in the movie Candy this weekend where he played a young man addicted to drug. I cried watching the last scene where the camera pans in on his tear stained face, as he wretchedly watches the love of his life walk out of the door. He lets her go even though his heart is being torn to pieces because he finally realizes that in order for her to continue her recovery from drug addiction she must not be around him since he struggles with his own sobriety. He loved her enough to let her go even though the pain of losing her was unbearable.

The first movie I ever seen Heath in was A Knight’s Tale. Even though the movie is silly, corny, and goofy I can watch it countless times . That’s one thing I love about Heath is his portrayal of the characters are so realistic, you can’t help but be drawn in and suspend your disbelief for that moment or that hour. His natural talent and passion comes through. He will be missed by many!:(


4 thoughts on “Remembering Heath Ledger

  1. Dallas

    I was stunned to hear that as well. He was so young and didn’t appear to be living the crazy life like other movies stars.

    First time I saw him was on the TV show “Roar”. It was set in Britain during the Roman occupation period. I saw Knights Tale as well. Very funny.

    What really is funny is I always confused him with Ewan McGregor.

  2. amphone

    Hi Teacher, he is gone to be with God now. I agree he is a good actor. I like the Four Feathers. Too bad. I wonder who will be his replacement in Batman.

  3. Laotian Teacher

    Amphone, Four Feathers was a great movie as well as The Patriots. He did finish filming Batman as the Joker. In fact, a picture of Heath as the Joker reminded me of Brandon Lee as the Crow . Remember how Brandon died young as well in a freak accident shooting accident during filming The Crow?

    Both young men were just coming into their own as an actor. Their death have caused such a shock because they were so young and had everything to live for.

  4. amphone

    Oh, I am glad that he did finish the movie. Truth is, I shouldn’t say I am glad at anything about Heath.

    Yes, they were young. Brandon Lee was a lost for the kingdom of Bruce Lee.

    Bruce Lee was like the Martin Luther King Jr. for the Asian. When the prince died, I turned to the princess, Shannon Lee. She made a few movies, one that I know of. Now she is disappeared. Correct me if I’m wrong. She is not a bad actress and she can fight like dad and brother.

    Sorry, didn’t mean to change the subject.

    Sad truth is, we all die. It’s about how we live. This Heath guy live by sword and die by the sword. Would you agree? Or was it an accident? Or was it health reason? The problem with dying is we have a choice of how we want to exit.

    I would like to ask, what would it take to make a person, say you for an example, happy? Heath was not happy I don’t think. But he is going to continue in another world. I like movie so I am going to see BATMAN. I like Batman movie.

    Can you believe it? They made RAMBO. I am an uncle to this high schooler, she is so spirited. She will go ape when she heard about this movie. She is a little Burmese activist.
    She was ape sh.. when that Burma incident happened. She wanted to go and fight. So young and so innocent.

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