Are men smarter than women?

In today’s society I have to say that this idea that men are smarter than woman is a bunch of hogwash.  I am not just saying this because I am in any way a  feminist.  It is true that I am a passionate supporter of women’s rights, but no more than the next woman who believes that we, females are as equal as our male counter part when it comes to intelligence.  I have to further stress that I am not a man hater and blame discrimination solely on them. 

All of us have heard the familiar adage, “This is a man’s world!” Historically, I have to concede that it was a man’s world before we wised up and rised up against the stifling oppressive male dominated world.  In a sense some of us woman, are dumb or ignorant enough to be persuaded by our fathers, brothers, lovers, or husbands that they are smarter than us even though at the back of our mind we subconsciously cringe at the thought of male superiority.  Sadly, some of us are raise in a culture, a society, or a household that truly believes that men are superior to woman. 

According to Newsweek,”British researcher Adrian Furnham, a professor of psychology at University College London, shows that men and women are fairly equal overall in terms of IQ. But women, it seems, underestimate their own candlepower (and that of women in general), while men overestimate theirs.” I wonder if women underestimate their intelligence because of their lack of self-confidence, self-esteem or self-worth? Or is it because we are more humble than men whereas men are more egotistic because some of them are brought up with the old adage, “It’s a man’s world!” Are some women afraid to admit or show that they are more intelligent than the men in their lives because they do not want to offend or upset them?  I know for some cultures, young girls are raise to be subjective and submissive to their male elders.  I wonder if Laotian women are raised with this belief that male are intellectually superior?

Some of the most intelligent people I respect and admire are males.  When I think of the ultimate brilliant male mind I think of Leonardo Da Vinci. Personally, when it comes to the smartest male, he is without a doubt number one in my estimation because he was a master in so many areas. He was a brilliant artist, sculptor, scientist, mathematician, inventor,engineer, musician, architect, botanist, anatomist and writer. I really cannot think of a modern man who is comparable to Leonardo when it comes to intelligence in different disciplines or areas.  The only modern day male who really impresses me with his intelligence is Stephen Hawking, the author of ‘A Brief History of Time’ and ‘The Universe in a Nutshell’. 

As for female brilliant minds I think of Hatsheput, Egyptian pharaoh and Queen Elizabeth I, queen of England.  Both of these women prove to the world that a woman is as smart as a man and that she can make sound decisions based on her intellect not her emotions. Now with that said people should give some credit to Hillary Clinton that she is as smart as a man and that she will be able to make intelligent decisions when it comes to the running of our country.

In case some of you do not know,Marilyn vos Savant  is considered the smartest woman in the world because according to the Guinness Book of Record she has the highest recorded IQ.  She writes a column for Parade in the USA Today newspaper where people from all of the world send her riddles or questions that challenges her intellect.  Of course since she is considered the smartest woman in the world, there are many people both male and female who tries to stump her. 

Are men smarter than woman?  The answer is no!  I know sometimes woman lack common sense but that does not mean she is stupid!:)


19 thoughts on “Are men smarter than women?

  1. amphone

    This is a tough question to answer Teacher. I have to think about this a little. Okay, I got it. I think the smarts rule. The smarts rule and conquer. I agree that there were some smart women in history. Do you think Hillary is smarter than Bill? Overall, men are smarter. But being smart is just one character trait in human being. When a situation arrived, men or women have to show how smart they are. The smarts acted stupid to be smart. We can’t never tell. But, base on what you are saying, the women are smarter. I don’t know when I can agree with that. Women in general may be smarter. Is that why Adam took the bite out of that fruit?

  2. I’d imagine that when your male readers read this, they’d either make face or totally disagree with you, but I think I understand what you’re saying, especially amongst the Asian culture, the Laotians and Thais where we were told at a very young age that the man is considered the elephant front paws, and the woman is considered it’s hind paws, we’re always a step behind.

    I think this way of thinking has changed tremendously as many women are now educated and have career that is equivalent to the men. As far as comparing smartness, I think it’d be unfair because sometimes I might be very knowledgeable in certain area but very ignorance in others, each person is unique in my opinion.

    I’m not sure if it was because of my upbringing that made me feel this way; since my father is part Chinese, he obviously wanted sons, but ends up with only daughters. While I was growing up, I didn’t have any brother to compare to, so we were brought up as one of the guys, we were taught, and are capable of doing things that guys can, so in a sense we’re their equal. When we have the need to question if men are smarter than women, then I think it becomes a personal issue.

  3. amphone

    Like I said before, I have to think about it a little. The topic raised is a tough one. Why did teacher ask this? Doesn’t matter. Let me rambling on a little more now.

    Adam took the bite and said, “yes! Thank you lord for this woman! Now, I know everything.” I said the same thing many time. Anyhow, God said, “Fools! Get out of here!”

    I am humble to God. Therefore, I would never be wrong. When some one said they smarter than me, being a person that I am, I laughed. When they said, “Amphone, you should…” I laughed. I looked at them with love, and said softly, “I know I know…you’re right.” Fact is, we are intelligent creatures. Each have our own ways to process thing.

    I was at the temple the other day trying to help a Monk prepare for his TOFEL test. I wasn’t smarter than him. He is trying to enter Georgia State University as a student. He is from Laos, a very smart Laotian. In our conversation, I was trying to tell him why some members of our society don’t work well with one another. I was trying to find the words that suitable. I was talking with my hands and all. He helped me out, all he said was, “People have different ideas.” Different ideas was all I had to say to get my point out…why so and so don’t get a long with so and so. It was simple.

    A long time ago we human all speak the same language. We lived in peace until one day we figured out a way to work together and started building a ladder to heaven. God said, “Heck no, you ain’t coming up here.” God fixed us up, we then can’t understand each others tone anymore. We had to start all over again. As far as figuring out a way to live goes, we human got our own individual system that worked out for us. Our own level of contentment is served. It should have ended there.

    A friend of mine said about another friend, “Oh, I know Sean. He was in my class. He is very smart.” I said many time to another person, ” Kim is very smart.” I never said Kim is smarter than me. Kim is ignorant of a lot of things. But Kim is a successful Laotian business woman. Kim is smarter than me. Sean is not smarter than Kim. My friend Thong who said Sean is smart think I am so smart. I told him I am not. I think he is smarter than me. We said so and so is smarter than so and so without having to explain why, we just think it.

    You are right about it become a personal issue when we question who is smarter than who. But, the Laotian teacher know why she ask the question, a feminist issue perhaps.

    I am accusing LT for being a feminist and a sexist, just kidding Karmadiva 🙂

  4. Laotian Teacher

    Ginger when you said,”When we have a need to question if men are smarter than women then it becomes a personal issue.” I don’t see it as that, I see it as more of a social issue and problem. This idea of men being smarter than women is worth considering and reflecting on because some people treat others according to gender. I see that as a problem.

    Ginger thanks for telling me the story about the elephant because it was interesting and made me wonder if Laotians are raise with this idea that we have to be submissive to men.

    My point of asking the question is to get people to realize that we are all equal in everyway and that includes intelligence. Yes some men know more in some area than women, but that can be said also for women. Also, there is a difference between being ignorant and stupid and that is my point. Some men and women might be lacking knowledge in certain topics, but that doesn’t mean they are stupid. Like me for example, I am very ignorant when it comes to cars. All I know is how to put in gas and that’s it! I don’t even know how to change tires,but that is because I never had to desire to learn. Just because we are capable or incapable of doing things does not necessarily show how smart we are. For example, I’m knowledgeable in History and Literature because it is my interest so I spend more time in those areas versus science and math. However, I do not think I’m smarter than someone else who doesn’t know as much as me in those areas. I just see it as their lack of interest and that’s okay:)

  5. >>>”This idea of men being smarter than women is worth considering and reflecting on because some people treat others according to gender. I see that as a problem.”

    You will always come across individual that will treat you badly because s/he thinks that s/he is above you in every way, whether male or female, sort of ‘ego or boasting’ type of talk, but is that the type of person that you want to associate with, I think we owe it to ourselves to prove that we’re as capable as the men, but then we might feel trapped in the rat race and I can’t say that this will bring much happiness, and at the end it might be a very lonely road because we might turn into someone that’s not humble.

    As for the elephant story, that’s how we were brought up to believe back in Laos, it’s the old saying and (some) Lao men have strange philosophy that they expect, and have to be waited hand and foot, a bit backward IMO, and still expecting this in the US because I know quiet a few that are like that. Of course, time has change, and women are no longer just homemakers, we are also wage earners and some make equally, if not more than the men do. I think some females have a low self-esteem and think of the worse, to me that’s not respecting yourself, and then how would you expect others to respect you.

    I read a slogan made by the king of Thailand’s sister that recently passed way that “her mother never once praised her because she was smart or beautiful, but only praised her when she did good deed.” Something simple but worth thinking about, I think it’s all how we value others and ourselves, is smartness everything? Assuming that I’m a business owner, I would hire the person that I think has the most qualification; gender shouldn’t have anything to do with it.

  6. Laotian Teacher

    Good points made Ginger. I like the quote about the King’s sister because she is right, we should be praised for our good deeds instead of how smart or beautiful we are. As a woman or a man we only feel inferior if we let others make us believe we are. Personally, I think some of us females need to boost our own ego and tell ourselves how good we are in the things we do. There is nothing wrong with self praise. I read a quote recently by a country singer, who said, instead of focusing on the ten things she doesn’t do well or couldn’t do, she’ll focus on the two things she did do. I like that because we sometimes are too hard on ourselves and bring ourselves down when we do fail instead of praising our successes however small it is.

    Amphone, I like your monk story. The monk is right, we all have different ideas and even different ways to express it. Some of us are book smart and some of us are street smart. We all have valueable things to say. I admire the monk for wanting to increase his knowledge by going to school.:) Of course, that is not the only way to learn because we can learn as much from our life’s experience as well.

    Amphone, I don’t think Eve was smarter than Adam when she persuaded him to take that bite out of the apple because she herself did not know what the consequence is. If she was smarter she would have question the motive of the snake and ask why it wanted her to eat the apple before she herself took the first bite. She could not resist the temptation of the power of knowledge .If Adam was smarter he would have done the same and question Eve.

    Amphone, the story of Adam and Eve proves my point about whether men are smarter than women. My answer is we are equal! Adam and Eve both made the same choice or mistake if you want to look at it that way!:)

  7. amphone

    So, It’s all about the brain, backed by perseverance, with hard work, and commitment then.

    Men gone to war with brain and muscles. Men lined up by the thousands and shoot at each others. That’s dumb and that was a long time ago. Women who are smarter, sat back and watched and waited and wept. It was all good for both party. It was the men’s world.

    Men back then told the women, they don’t have to go and fight. Women agreed that they were the weaker gender. Did they really agree? Survival kicked in, more like. So they stayed home and take care of home affair in return for the men’s contribution to their survival. I think great number of men regard all women as their mother or the mother kind.

    With the advancement in technology and the change in hormone, women with brain can now engage in manly activities. Women with brain and qualifications get to join the men in battles. So more and more women should be in the cock pit of a fighter jet then. Not much of a career choice. Even then, the men still continue to hump with 100 lbs rucksack on their back staying out there on the desert, cold, and rain. Oh, don’t say that’s their choice. You see, something will never change. Nothing to do with gender? Men being so smart for giving up their comfort to protect the weak and the lame. But the weak and the lame are smart, aren’t they? They live safely ignoring the headline news from the middle east.

    I figure by now, smart women should rush to the front line and bring the boys home and take their place. If that happen, can men live with that? I can’t. Never in my life, would I let a woman go to war and fight in the front line. Sorry, not to offend those of you that are out there already fighting for my freedom.

    When there is a battalion of women infantry unit, the battle of the sexist ends. Equality happens. For now, it’s still about gender. We pick and choose who do what. Something we just can not choose. That’s a fact.

    The advancing women with brain should embrace equality. It what’s happening. Go Hillary! For the others, stay warm and fuzzy in the arms of your man. Valentine is coming up, “I better get some roses?” No, I don’t want any roses. I am a man. Karmadiva, where do you want your roses sent? You deserve some roses for this.

  8. Laotian Teacher

    Amphone, see how smart I am! I got you to admit that woman are smarter! ahahahaahaha Just kidding! Okay now I am going to be serious or at least try to!

    When it comes to war, men are still uncomfortable with the thought of sending woman into the front line. The military still does not allow woman risk their lives. Of course, this is not fair if we are to talk about equality between the sexes. You are right when you said ,”When there is a battalion of women infantry unit, the battle of the sexes ends. Equality happens.” When a woman is allow to fight besides a man on the front line then we can say we are equal. Sadly, our society is still based on gender.

    The reason why I kind of want Hillary to win the presidency is because I want to see how a woman would deal with this issue of war: should we use our muscle and brawn or our brains to solve conflicts?

    Forget the roses, Amphone just send me good thoughts and positive chi! 🙂

  9. amphone

    Fine! No roses for you.

    I like it when you said, “I kind of want Hillary to win.” Gee that is not a good reason for wanting her to win. Hahahaha. You kill me sometime.

    Lets forget about the idea of sending women to the front line, okay? This is something we both have to agree on.

    Gender, yes. Men and Women rest room would be a good example too. Not just going to war. Women are protected at the home front. There are evil men who will stalk and hurt women if we have unisex rest room. Wait, this is not about safety, it is about respect of privacy. Gosh, I’m smart.

    I think we gave it a try. Lets conclude that men and women are equal in intelligence. Lets let the outcome of our actions show how smart we are. Agree? Remember no roses for you.

  10. amphone

    So this week is Valentine week, my favorite time of the year. It’s time everyone come out and express your love for this site. This site has been the most kind, visitor friendly, and most of all, the owner of the site is so sweeeeeeeeeet.

    Happy Valentine’s Day Laotian Teacher.

  11. Laotian Teacher

    Thank you Amphone! That is very sweet of you. You already know you are one of my favorite person. Here’s to peace, love and happiness!

  12. amphone

    Amen, same to you. I love the way you reached out to others and inspire us to be more peaceful, loving, and happy. Caution, don’t eat too much chocolate. Oh well, go ahead eat the whole packet and be happy.

    God bless you this Valentine.

  13. OneWing

    Admittidly, I hate everything about feminism. You say that you’re not a feminist but I’d probably say that this article is pretty feminist orientated, even if not rambling on about how you’d like to be as good as a man. I’m not having a go, I just find it contary that you say you’re not a feminnist.

    Well, I don’t think that men are smarter than women. Men ARE women, just with a chromosone added to make them different. So, a man has everything a women does, though the same could not be said for a women. Given that, I guess it’s possible that a man could be smarter than a women, but because the female characteristics are supressed in males, it could also be possible that a man loses the intellegence that he’d have, if he’d been born a women. Looking at history, it’s indicative that men are somewhat smarter given what they have achieved in comparison to women, though I guess that’s something a women would not like to believe.

    At the end of the day, the only thing that proves which sex has the advantage in a certain area is through scientific analysis. Though, for some reason, the statistics of such you’re likely to read in a magazine always seem to be trying to prove women have something men don’t, and I can just imagine what kind of women do these tests and which kind publish them in magazines. And if you’d believe everything you here like that, you’d be on a diet of vitamins and wouldn’t leave your house even to take the garbage out, and even then some freak in a lab would come up with a reason why it could still lead to cancer. Point being, a women may try and sue god if she feels there’s something unfair in the biology, but a women could never actually be a man.

  14. Laotian Teacher

    OneWing, interesting points you made about Men ARe women. I guess biologically we are similiar if you break it down to the chromosone level. I’m not an expert scientist so I’ll leave it up to your expertise.

    I think men in general has more common sense than women. Maybe that is why some people will say that men are smarter. To determine who is smarter depends on so many variables and circumstances. I think the most important thing to remember is we all have our strengths and weaknesses when it comes to intelligence. Anyway, according to the Guiness Book of World Records, Marilyn Vos Savant has the highest recorded IQ at 228. Follow the link here to read more:

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