Changing the world by shifting your paradigm


More people need to be actively involve in changing our world politically, socially, and environmentally.  As we began 2008 we all should focus on improving it in a positive way instead of fixating on what is wrong with it.  The biggest problem is… we concentrate entirely too much on the obstacles instead of working together to overcome what appears to be insurmountable. We can all change the world by shifting our paradigm. The way we see the world can influence us to either make a radical change or be content with the way it is. The bottom line is we are in it together.  If we want change then we have to be willing to give up our time to bring about this metamorphosis.  Our ideas, thoughts and actions  can be the catalyst needed to motivate each other to make that remarkable improvement in our community, country and world. The most important word to remember is activism! Become involve or part of this necessary movement for change .  Do your part by sharing your ideas and then roll up your sleeves to bring those ideas to life.In late January, leaders from all over the world will meet in Davos, Switzerland to discuss events, ideas, and problems affecting our world. Contribute to this international discussion and conference by sharing your revolutionary ideas for improving the world by uploading your videos of how we all could change the world. You never know, you could be the one who has the key to solving political unrest, environmental concerns, and social degradation.How can we make a better place in which to live? What will your contribution be?


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