Amazing feat of engineering

One of my interest lies in stories of the weird,  mystifying and the unknown.  A couple of years ago when I first taught World History, ancient Egypt was one of my favorite unit.  I would spend at least two weeks on just the building of the pyramids.  I would tell my students about the “curses of the pyramids”, the pharoahs, the thousands of slaves used to build these great ancient monoliths.  I would show tons of visual that had them ohhhhing and ahhhhing.  They would in turn try to convince me about how aliens help build the pyramids. Some of my students had me almost convinced that some little green men from outer space came down and give this knowledge to the Egyptians.  Of course, I would pretend that I believe this theory just to make them be able to say to me,” I knew it!” The pharaohs had thousands of slaves and years to build the pyramids.  However, Ed Leedskalnin, did not have any help in building the Stone Corral Castle in Florida.  Engineers, scientist and the common public are still asking this question: How could this 98 pound man build this monolith without cranes and lifts?  Did Ed discover the Egyptian secret of building the pyramids? Ed’s castle is truly amazing and shows what one individual can create by himself. I admire his creativity and intellect.  Does anybody have any idea how he could have built this castle by himself?  Do you think the little green men helped him? Thoughts, comments, Reflections


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