Bird Thongchai and Sek Loso

When I was a teenager, I would stay up late watching Thai soap operas. My mother would always go rent Thai, Indian, and Chinese movies. Out of all my siblings I was the only one who really got into foreign films as a teenager. The Thai and Chinese movies were long because they were series or soap operas. While other teen girls were out partying, I was at home watching foreign films. I was like an addict! I couldn’t get enough of it. This love of foreign films would extend to music as well which still dominates my life today. Of course the movies were dubbed in Thai so I was able to understand it.

One of the first soap opera I saw starred Bird Thongchai in it. I don’t remember the plot of the soap, but I remember he sang this song, Sukiyaki in it. I totally fell in love with his voice! He has a very romantic and soothing voice. I never get tired of listening to him. The song “Naan Tow Rai Gaw Raw” is one of my favorite love song. The sad violin at the beginning reminds me for some odd reason of a Chinese song. To my understanding, he starts off by asking when is she going to return to him or when is he going to see/meet her again, he is waiting for her to come see him one more time. He says how she should know he loves her. He thinks someone has made her change her heart, made her weak. He says before she left she told him to wait for her and he is still waiting. Pretty much he is still in love with her and is keeping his promise to her that he would wait for her. I think male or female can relate to this song or sing it. This message of lost love is universal. This idea of waiting for someone we love is something we can all relate to… the idea of having our heart broken is definitely something all of us can identify with. I love music for that very reason… it’s power to break down all barriers.

His collaboration with Sek is one of his best because their voices complements each other. I love the majority of their collaboration.


11 thoughts on “Bird Thongchai and Sek Loso

  1. This is a very nice song, Bird and Sek Loso are two of my favorite Thai singers, I think I have all of Sek’s CDs; he has such a powerful voice.

    The soap that you’re talking about made me think of ‘Koo Gum’ where Bird played as a Japanese soldier named Gobori and he was badly injured during the Air Raid, and he waited for her at the very end, he died in her arms at the end of the movie. I didn’t get to see this version but read about it and that’s the beginning of his career in lakorn (Thai drama). I think for his age, he looks very good.

  2. Ginger, I wonder if that was the movie I saw Bird in. I don’t remember the plot, just that song. I would love to see him in concert if he ever comes to the U.S. again. He does look fantastic for his age. I just love his voice.

    Sek is a talented musician as well. He sounds good in English as well.

  3. amphone

    Karmadiva, You mentioned Sukiyaki. I loved the original version of Sukiyaki but I love even more with the Sukiyaki Taste of Honey version. I love to sing this song on karaoke. It’s a great song to sing.

  4. Laotian Teacher

    Ginger, I don’t remember if it is that Lakorn, but it could be because eighteen years ago I was 18 and still living at home. Thanks for finding that vid! Now I am going to have to watch the whole thing to see if it is the right one.


    Yeah, I love the song. It’s so beautiful. You need to film yourself singing it and then upload it to your site so I can hear you sing!

  5. amphone

    I am going to do that. Let me get my fundraising done first. It will be over the 15th. Then, I can have some fun singing. I will. I promise.

  6. Mirka

    Thank you:)
    PBird is so sweet and beautiful person. I also think it was Koogam lakorn. Lets have a looki some clips.
    PBird playing “Kim” – japanese instrument

    part of Koogam lakorn:

    Koogam-behind the scene

    Mirka – fan of pBird from Prague

  7. Laotian Teacher


    Thanks for findingthe clips for me! I will definitely sit down during my spring break to watch the movie. I love Bird. He is an awesome singer and actor.

  8. Mirka

    Thank you for replying, your blog is nice. I have some nice friends from Laos here in Prague. They are so smart. PBird is amazing person. My best thai friend Took is a webmaster of Please join us on webboard na ka 🙂
    We plan to come to see Babb Bird Bird show in august 🙂 Hope you can come too…

  9. Laotian Teacher


    You are welcome! I went to that site and it’s fantastic! Thanks for telling me about it. That is the best site for Bird Fan! I will definitely be visiting often. In fact I will link it to here so other fans can find Bird easier!:) I wish I could go to his concert. I’m in Arizona so if he ever makes it to California, which is a hop and a skip away, I will definitely try to go!

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