The turnout for the last presidential election for the Asian community was the lowest among all the ethnicity. There were more African American voters than Latino and both groups surpassed Asians.  This is a shame because it implies that we do not care about what is going on in our country and it also shows our lack of involvement in the most important process: the election!  We need to change this image of an unconcern and uninvolve Asian community to one of civic minded group.  Why are there not more Asian voters if we have millions of people living here?  Laotians, Thais, Vietnamese, and Camodians get lost and grouped into “Asians” so it is very difficult to  get the percentage of voters among these ethnic groups. 

Are we not voting because we are too lazy? Is language a barrier? Is it because some of us still feel like a foreigner in our adopted country thus lacking any sense of devotion or loyalty? 


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