Will Bill Richardson’s endorsement of Obama make a difference?

Former President Clinton paid a visit to Governor Richardson’s home in New Mexico during the super bowl hoping to persuade him to endorse  Hillary.  Obviously, as everybody knows by now, that tactic did not work because Governor Richardson just recently endorse Obama. What is interesting is that Governor Richardson used to be a member of President Clinton’s cabinet. According to the NECN.com, Richardson says his decision to choose sides now – was a practical one.
“John McCain is formidable, he’s already the nominee, he’s raising funds, he’s traveling around the world, he’s campaigning, we have to come together.
The issues favor us, but if we keep bickering and fighting, it’s going to Hurt us.”Will Ricardson’s endorsement sway theremaining  superdelegates to switch to support from Hillary to Obama?  Does Richardson have that much of an influence on the Latino population where they will switch their loyalty from Hillary to Obama? Who will the Latino voters champion? A woman or a minority?As for the Asian community, some seem to favor Hillary because they are familiar with the name and her husband’s presidency.  Why are the candidates not courting the Asian community? Are they overlooking our group because they believe we will not make a difference in the campaign?  Is this disregard for the Asian community due to the fact that we had the lowest turnout at the polls for the last presidential election? 

If we want to make a difference in this country, we need to go hit the polls and vote.  We need to increase our numbers and statistics in this upcoming election because we need to show that the Asian community do have a voice and it must be heard.   Why should we be at the bottom of the poll?  Let us show some solidarity and influence in this country.


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