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I love this new band because they remind me of Savage Garden for some odd reason.  Most people have heard of their song, “Apologize” because it had heavy radio play.  Now their song “Stop and Stare” is getting the same attention.  I especially love “Stop and Stare” because the words reminds me of how we all get ‘stuck’ in life’s problems once in a while.  Some of us, forget who we are. Some of us forget what is important in life.  Some of us, fool ourselves into thinking we are moving in the right direction, but realize later that it is not what we want. I can ramble on forever about the different things or images I get out of this song,but then it would only be my opinion!  I love these lines because it reminds me of the importance of looking at where we have been in life to help us figure out where we are heading in the future and why.

Stop and Stare,  I think I’m moving, but I go nowhere

Yeah I know everyone gets scared, but I’ve become what I can’t be

Stop and Stare, you start to wonder why you ‘here’not there


Another of their song, “Say” is also a really good song. This song is beautiful!



6 thoughts on “OneRepublic

  1. Laotian Teacher

    Thank you Te la ma Maria! Your blog is wonderful as well! I love the thought provoking arts you posted.

    Kind regards from Arizona!:)

  2. amphone

    Shorty..You my angel, you my darling angel…closer to my peep you are to meee…

    Got this song on my head. How you’re doing teacher?

  3. Laotian Teacher

    Good day Amphone! Doing great over here. I hope all is well with you! What song is that? At first I thought it was something by Akon, the one that sings “Lonely”.

    By the way, some of my students and friend call me shorty because I am compared to them!:)

  4. amphone

    Oh they do. They shouldn’t call you shorty. They have nothing but love for you I guess. The song is by “Shage”. He is from Jamaica.

    All is well here. Getin ready for a big Memorial day weekend get away. Whats your plan? What ever you do, have fun.

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