Another one of my Karma Story!

Self-portraitCrossing the Border


Two weeks ago my students and I volunteered to help with the first annual Yuma Art Beat. We were there from six in the morning to seven at night.  It was a very long day, but interesting because it was an art show/wine tasting event.  I didn’t taste any wine because I was helping with the event, but I met so many talented artist there.   One of the artist I met was Issa.  I noticed her paintings immediately because it was vibrant, passionate, and full of life.  She was the first artist I wanted to speak  to because I simply love her colorful paintings.  I felt drawn to the paintings so I decided to go up to her and ask her if I could take pictures of her work and put it on my website.  She generously agreed and asked her about her inspirations for the paintings.  She said she is an expressionist painter because she enjoys painting things to show the different sides of the human emotion from sadness to joy to fear. 

After I interview her and pictures, we exchanged information so we could keep in touch and so she can come to this site to check her paintings out.  When I handed her the piece of paper with this site ( on it, I told her it’s called that because I believe in karma.  She responded that it was weird because so does she.  In fact she believes in it so much she and her friends meet and discuss karma in a social setting. She invited me to attend if I wanted to and I promised her I would call so we can meet over coffee.

My meeting with Issa reminded me of that Chinese legend of the red thread”An invisible red thread connects those who are destined to meet regardless of time, place or circumstance. The thread may stretch or tangle but it will never break”.  Out of all those people at the art show, it was interesting that I would connect with her and end up having more in common with her than everybody else there. 






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