My moment of insanity? Inspiration? Impulsiveness?

Last week I finally lost my thin grip on sanity!  At least, that’s what I’m thinking right now during my moment of quiet contemplation.  I made two important decision:  run in a half marathon and sign up to start my Masters program. Why is this crazy?  One, I hate running because I am not good at it! As for my Masters program, great idea but I would have to squeeze that in with my crazy schedule.

My brilliant idea started a couple of months ago after a conversation with two of my co-workers who I was trying to persuade to go to the gym with me. I told them it would be a great idea if we run in a marathon because then it would force us to go work out consistently and they agreed.  After speaking with them, I decided to run the idea by my principal who has done a full marathon before and she thought it was an awesome idea and that she would help us train.  She even loan us a book on running. 

Now it’s May and my principal and I and three other co-workers have all registered for the America’s Finest City Half Marathon in San Diego this August.  I can’t back out of it now since I have already made the commitment.  The idea that I am going to do a half marathon is frightening and nerve wrecking, but exciting because it will be a physical and mental challenge for me.  At least my marathon is short compared to the breast cancer walk my little sister  is going to do which is 60 miles in three days!  She is trying to raise 2200 for the Breast Cancer Society.

I am getting ready for it by cross training, doing yoga, running and biking so I can work out all my muscles.  I am going to try my hardest to finish in the three hour frame they set for us.  I hope I don’t get trample by all those professional runners!

If anybody would love to participate in this marathon in beautiful San Diego here is the link:



10 thoughts on “My moment of insanity? Inspiration? Impulsiveness?

  1. Laotian Teacher

    Amphone, hello! I know you will do well at the marathon since you have done one before! Definitely, I will see you there. I don’t know if we will be the only two Laotian to join the race, I will look at the names on the people who will be participating.

  2. amphone

    Registered last night. My name should appear once they update the roster. This is exciting. Got to keep running you know. Run or die.

  3. Laotian Teacher

    Amphone, my name is on there already: Anasone Aragon from Yuma. Trust me you might have to drag me to the finish line. I just want to finish, I don’t care about time. At least you are good at running since you do soccer! Run or die is exactly what I’m thinking of! In my case, I will die trying! I know I’m being dramatic, but I hate running!

  4. Lucky

    Life is too short and too precious, we do what we love, and not what we hate most, maybe I am wrong in thinking this way. Also, we do certain things because we want to do it, but not because someone else is doing it, just wrong reason and motivation, or is it just common sense to me.

  5. Laotian Teacher

    Lucky, you are right life is too short. Even though I hate running, I love challenging myself physically and mentally and that is why I am doing this marathon. Also, I always tell my students to believe in themselves and always push themselves as far as they can go in and out of the classroom. I am practicing what I preach!:)

  6. amphone

    I mean the reward is there. It’s a walk in the park if you will. Running is like time traveling. Time and space, right? 🙂 But you got to train and try to do at least 10 miles a couple of time to see if your knees and ankles, and hips can handle the hard pavement. Other than that, try to have fun doing it too. You will be okay, just train and enjoy the experience.

  7. Lucky

    I said earlier: “Also, we do certain things because we want to do it, but not because someone else is doing it, just wrong reason and motivation, or is it just common sense to me.”

    I was talking about that Amphone person, he is running because you are, is that a good reason enough? I know you are running because you want the challenge, which I think is great, I admire your ambition, keep up the good work. 🙂

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