My half-marathon training log for this week

When I decided to do the half-marathon back in May, I knew I had very little time to train, roughing about three months.  At first, one of my co-worker and I was thinking we should start out small like a 5K and then build up to longer ones. No sooner had we voiced our idea, our principal who has completed a full and a half one, told us to just go for it and do the half with her.  So, we agreed, motivated by her confidence.  I have to say it is nice that she has confidence in us in and out of the classroom.

Now back to my training log this week:

Monday: I ran on the treadmill for two miles and it took me 25 minutes. My legs kind of ache when I was done. I haven’t gone outside to run because it’s 104 during the day. As for evenings, I don’t want to get mugged so I am going to ask my friends to go with me so I can see how long it takes me to run outside.

Tuesday: 1 hour on the bike using random selection of hills and plains. I sweated so much, I felt like a macho man instead of a short Asian  woman!

Wednesday: rest day, I felt guilty because I really didn’t need to rest. I was thinking about the gym instead of relaxing!

Thursday: 1 hour on bike again. I actually intended to run on the treadmill again, but the work out pants I had on was a little loose and I didn’t have the time to change before heading to the gym.  I didn’t want to be running and end up mooning people because of my wardrobe malfunction like Janet Jackson! I need to go buy comfortable men’s basketball shorts for my run days!

Friday: I think I will do some weights, probably upper body, followed by 30 minutes on cardio.

Next week I will be in San Diego for my AP conference so I will be doing a lot of walking.  Maybe I can persuade the coach to go running with me. She is fierce when it comes to  sports and training. I’m excited about this trip because I should be able to scope out the area where the race will be.


6 thoughts on “My half-marathon training log for this week

  1. amphone

    Gee wow, now I feel much better. Less concern I mean. Run run run my friend. Run for life, spirit, and health. Laotian teacher! Ur the best!

  2. Laotian Teacher

    Amphone! You are funny! Even though I had been whining, I have been working out before signing up for the marathon! I even did Tai chi with the senior citizens. They were amazing! I will continue with my adventure!:)

  3. amphone

    So you are 4 hrs away. I’m looking to see if I can do Pho Lao World tour while I’m in San Diego. Any suggestion? May be some Lao-San Diegians can help me out.

  4. Ja-browser

    Here’s a film to give you some inpsiration: “Saint Ralph”…about a kid who believes that if he wins the Boston Marathon, his mother would come out from a coma.

  5. amphone

    Speak of Boston Marathon, did Lance Armstrong win the race? Anyone? Ja-browser, I am interest in the film you mentioned. How about it?

  6. Laotian Teacher

    Amphone, I just got back from San Diego from my Advanced Placement U.S. History conference! Saw some runners and walkers, but nobody in my group felt like running. I just walked. I ate some really good Ra Na at this Thai place. Will post pics of San Diego.

    Ja-Browser, that does sound like a good movie. I will see if I can find it!

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