San Diego: Half Marathon Location

As I had mentioned, I went to my AP U.S. History conference at USD in San Diego.  While I was there, I checked the area as well as the weather.  One thing is for sure, the area where we will be running is beautiful.  The weather is much cooler than Yuma, I even got cold in the morn!  I did not get to run since the people I was with did not want to go with me.  Instead, I just walked around campus.  Almost every morning as I was heading to my conference I would see the same couple ( about 55ish) walking.  It was like they were reminding me I needed to get back to my training!  They were not the only ones I saw walking and running.  Everytime I would see people running I had this weird urge to just drop everything and join them even though I was decked out in my little casual professional teacher clothing!  So, I can totally understand what  John Bingham was saying in Chapter 12: The Time of Your life where he was describing his urge to run while at a professional conference in Chicago. Unlike him, I didn’t throw off my clothes and hop into my workout outfit and go run because for one, I was in the car with others on my way to the conference.  John had an advantage, he was in his hotel room when he saw the runners on the lakefront so it was easy for him to give in to his urge.  I, on the other hand did not want to shock the other teachers as well as get thrown in jail for public indecency! I can see the headlines: Laotian teacher caught running naked down the street! My teaching career would definitely be over, but I guess my career as a naked running teacher would began!:)

San Diego is a  runner’s haven.  I say that because it is so beautiful.  I can really understand why so many people would want to run there because the scenery makes it worthwhile.  You can go running around Seaport Village where you can see sailboats, ships and boats or you could go run on the beaches especially the one close to Hotel Del Coronado.


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