Running along ( in my case shuffling)

I am on vacation and visting my siblings in Phoenix. When  I got here yesterday I told my brother-in-law to go running with me so I can see and feel the difference running on the pavement has on my ankle and legs.  We left the house sometime after 6 and it was warm already!  I told my brother-in-law that he does not have to wait for me because I have to go at my own pace, find my own rhythum.  I tell him this because one it’s true, two he is a good runner compare to me.  He runs 9 minute miles. 

I listened to music from my little sister’s ipod.  I focused on my breathing, in through my nose and out my mouth.  I relaxed my body, trying to keep it loose and fluid as I run, with my hands relaxed and not closed. The track we ran was along running paths and through streets.  I ran on pavement, grass and pressed down dirt.  I wore my work out pants and tank top which made me realize I would have to get comfortable and lightweight running shorts.  I’m not looking forward to wearing that because my legs are chunky, but I figure if I run fast enough nobody will be able to see it!:)

At the end of my run, I stretched and  noticed that my ankle feels okay. However, my right thigh aches a little.  My brother-in-law thinks I am leaning more on my right side more heavily.  Also, as I run I tend to pound on the front of my toes instead of going from heel to toes.  I think I need to make a conscious effort to remind myself to start from heels and then end with front of my foot. 

My brother-in-law is going to take me to a shoe store so I can get tested to see what running shoes would fit my running style.  I am definitely excited about that. 

It took me about one hour and fifteen minutes to to do two miles!  I need to increase my speed if I am going to be able to finish the half-marathon in three hours.  I have a  better understanding and sympathy for what marathon runners go through! I am in awe of runners who can sustain their pace for so many miles!  After two, I felt okay, but I need to work harder!  I will shuffle on!  This heat is a killer though!


5 thoughts on “Running along ( in my case shuffling)

  1. Afriend

    “It took me about one hour and fifteen minutes to to do two miles!”

    I understand ‘shuffling,’ but are you walking or running? Runners doing 5k average between 20-30 minutes. Pick it up girl! The world waits for no one.

    “Eat less, talk less & drink lots of water.”

  2. Laotian Teacher

    Afriend, you are right I have to pick it up. Next time I need to wear a watch so I can get an accurate reading. So I was guessing at my time.

    Thank you for your simple advice of eat less,talk less and drink lots of water! Actually, today I also went to get new running shoes because my shoes are over two years old!

  3. Laotian Teacher

    I can’t believe the marathon is coming up! It is too fast! I know the weather will be much nicer in San Diego then here! I went running hills with one of my students at 600 at night and it was still 107! It felt like I had sun burn all over my body because it was so hot!

  4. amphone

    It has been thundering and lightning over here, every day just about. I did my couple miles here couple miles there. It’s going to be a great run. You will love it.

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