Marathon Workout for the week

While I was visting my siblings in Phoenix, I went to the Runner’s Den where they have experts to help you pick the right shoes.  The guy who helped me was very patient.  He had me walk in front of him, back and forth to see what my problem was.  I had told him my right knee hurt from running the day before.  He had me tried on several shoes and took me outside to see how I ran. Also, he wanted for me to see which shoes felt the most comfortable.  They all felt great, I wanted to keep running!  However, the people driving by did give me strange looks.  They probably thought I was running off with the shoes without paying!

 The shoe man figure out that I over pronate and gave me several shoes to try on to correct my foot issue.  According to New Balance shoe website:

     Over-pronators generally land in a pronated position and continue to roll significantly inward as they go from heel strike to toe off. They exhibit excessive inward motion and are best served with shoes offering medial (inside edge) support via a Medial Post or shoes featuring the ROLLBAR® technology.

Running shoes I finally settled on
Running shoes I finally settled on
Felt about the same as NB shoes
Felt about the same as NB shoes


Loved the design, but Nike felt slightly better
Loved the design, but Nike felt slightly better

To make a long story short, I tried on several shoes that would help with my over pronation issues such as:  New Balance,Nike, and Asics. All comfy shoes, but Nike felt a little better.


Monday:  five minutes warm up, 45 minutes run/walk= 3 miles, 5 minutes cool down.  New shoes definitely help with my over pronation.

Tuesday: 1 hour Yoga, felt great. 

Wednesday: T-N-T: Tight-N-Toned! Hour long total body sculpting class using dumbbells, bands, steps…etc (didn’t get to TNT so I did upper body and abs instead)

Thursday:  Pilates, Tai chi or Yoga.  I haven’t decided yet.  Maybe 30 minutes (2 mile run) before or after. ( Went running hills with my club member)

Friday: 20 minutes bike, 20 minutes elliptical, and 20 treadmill ( 2 hours yard work instead)


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