Lao Food

For some Americans, starting a pot of coffee signals the start of the day, but for many Laotians, it’s putting on the rice steamer.  When I was living at home, my parents would always get up early to cook the rice and that’s how we would wake up, with the fragrant smell of rice wafting through the house.  To us this meant, delicious food was not too far off.

Both my mom and dad have their speciality when it comes to meals.  One of my dad’s speciality is pork sausage which he makes from scratch.  He usually uses a hind portion of the pork to make it. He does not use a meat grinder to cut the meat.  Instead he chops it up because he likes the rough texture and chewy texture of the finished product.  He uses many seasoning, spices, and herbs such as thai pepper and lemon grass in the sausage.  The end result is a delicious sausage that you can freeze and cook and eat later like I did one afternoon.  To balance out the slightly greasy taste of the sausage, I accompanied it with brown rice.


11 thoughts on “Lao Food

  1. Dallas

    One of my favorite memory is waking up Saturday morning to the smell of green onion, ginger, lemongrass or half dozen herbs that goes into Lao dishes. My parents (especially my Mom) love to cook lots of food whether it be Larb, Kow Poon, Pho, Bánh Cuốn, or Bánh Xèo. We don’t have huge family or many relatives but there always seems to be something going on at our place every Saturday. Good memory.

    Oh, my parent made the sausage too. I like the way they make it because it is not too spicy and too strong on the herbs. Some people put Paak Si and way too much other stuff. My parents doesn’t use Paak Si at all.

  2. Laotian Teacher

    I think almost all Lao mom love to cook or we think they do because they are always in the kitchen all the time. Speaking of larb, beef ones sound good.

    Making the sausage takes time. My dad had to experiment with all the ingredients to finally get the right combination of it.

    Lao food is very fragrant and aromatic. It really makes you hungry—the smell.

  3. Kd

    Sai Bai Dee Sao! =) I’m having this as I type! lol. Thank buddha for my brothers mom! She made a bunch of these and gave me a whole bag. I have enough to last me a month! Anyways, nice blog.

  4. Now you guys really made me are absolutely right lao mom do be in the kitchen alot even
    when they are in a hurry they still manage to cook for the whole before leaving for work.I”m really proud of
    all the lao mom through their tireless hour raising their kids well and putting food on our table when we
    came home from school or work there’s always food waiting.Love my culture.the most thing that i love most
    about my mom cook was this lao stew with round green eggplant,black mushroom looks like a monkey ear,and dry beef in it along with cow skin.what do they called this dishes?you know what i’m talking about.
    Only lao people would know and eat this kind of food.

  5. Lao teacher good would be nice if our younger kids living in america come together and share
    about a little of our hometown and food.Just to have a good memory and exchange idea how we can help our
    people or themselves be more involved with our lao community.

  6. As we are all know that our Lao New year are just a month away.i just wanted to say an early Happy Lao to
    everyone of my Lao brothers and sisters here and over sea and whereveer they are.Sai Bai dee Boon Pee Mai
    To all.Mee Dee Mee Hang Hai Mat Tok Khon Lao How Bauk Tong Sear JAi Pok How Mee Yung Gauk Sod Jai
    Gun Hung Khon How Gauk Mee Nam Jai. Translation: It means Happy New year to all Lao people.Don’t worry
    too much and whatever it is helped each others out.And Love your people with your heart it doesn’t matter what he or she looks like or how much he or she make.Love Ou people with your heart.Finally,I just wanted thank
    everyone who came across this blog and share your ideas with the rest of us.I hope to be back soon and chat
    again.God knows how long but i will promised you that it will be better when i come back with more ideas and
    totally will be in touch with all of you.So good luck and good nite.Remeber what i just said earlier on line 3.

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