Tai Chi

My class and I did almost the same movements, but we did not look as good!

When I was living at home, my parents would rent these long Chinese saga from the Lao store.  These tapes were like 12 tapes long, but  I loved it because of the martial arts.  Of course, it was dubbed in Thai so I could understand it.    I guess I am a martial arts fans because of my parents.  I still love watching martial arts movies.  In fact, I wish my parents had put me into a karate class.  I regret not joining my friend Dao in high school in her martial arts class.  I was just too shy!  Anyway, this Saturday I got a chance to pretend I was a martial arts expert in my Tai Chi class! 

I went to the gym to run, but end up doing Tai Chi for two hours!  There were only seven of us there in class and that was counting the instructor.  I guess nobody wanted roll out of bed on a Saturday morning.  The first hour we practice without using swords.  The second hour, the instructor handed us swords and I was like, ” Oh, hell I hope it’s not sharp because I didn’t want to get arrested for accidentally stabbing the little old ladies in my class!”  I made sure I left plenty of space between me and the rest of the ladies.  As we did our movements, I felt like one of the characters from Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, especially the part when I did a little twist then jab my sword forward.  Of course, I am still new at Tai Chi and do not have my forms down as well as the other ladies.  Some of the ladies are in their seventies and they are amazing to watch! 

My instructor is also in his seventies and he does not look like it.  He said there will be a Tai Chi competition in the Olympics this year. He said they will probably broadcast it when everybody is asleep since the other sports dominate the Olympics.  I want to see it so I am definitely going to find it on Youtube.

My instructor told me, there’s over 108 movements that we do give or take.  He said to keep in mind that it is a continuous movement.  For each twenty minute session we do, we don’t talk, we just move and breathe and focus on ourselves.  Then he stops and gives us stories or helpful hints for 2 minutes before starting again.  I love practicing Tai Chi because it’s relaxing and I totally zone out.  I used to watch those video of Chinese people do Tai Chi in the park and thought, hey that looks easy!  Trust me, it’s not as easy as it looks.  Once you get the form down then it is.  Try it if you want to relax!


3 thoughts on “Tai Chi

  1. Laotian Teacher

    That’s funny! You are too humble! You ARE an amazing photographer and people need to recognize! You never know, one day your pics are going to make you famous!:) Keep shooting away and capture those moments of life like you. I think I will write a blog on myspace and put your link there so others can see your work.

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