A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

The first thing I would like to clarify is that I am NOT a photographer or an expert, but in this case I do not think I need any qualification to back up my opinion.  One of my favorite thing to do is take pictures, look at pictures and buy pictures!  I LOVE art of any form be it a sculpture, painting or photographs.  What I especially love about photographs is the fact that it captures a moment, a time, a history, a memory of something or someone without anybody having to say anything.  What I consider a good picture is one that inspires me to write a thousand word about it or verbally describe it to someone else with such clarity that they are able to ” see” it in their mind’s eye.  A good picture is one that showcases its subject in a revealing way, a way that sheds new light about the person or thing. Take for example, the picture of this cake on the front of her brochure.  I do not need or have to know whose wedding cake it is in order to imagine what kind of couple picks this nontraditional concoction.  I can write my own story about this couple.  That is the beauty of photograph, if it is well done, it will speak to us or invoke thought.

 It takes a talented photographer to be able to tell a story about their subject without having to say anything. Oubon Phommavong or you can call her MissPhom, is an amazing Laotian photojournalist who is an expert story teller. How does she do this without saying anything?  Simple, one click at a time or one frame at a time according to her.  She is definitely, “Capturing life one frame at a time.”

To see more of her work, make sure you visit her at: http://missphom.com/blog/.  If you are in Florida, give her a call and let her tell your story one picture at a time.


4 thoughts on “A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

  1. Laotian Teacher

    MissPhom, I mean every word I wrote. It is nice to see Laotians doing something they love. I hope you continue to challenge yourself everyday. Be proud to bring an “edge” to your work because then that is art!

    Ginger, it is good that we all brag about her so we can get her name out there!:)

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