Marathon Training

On Sunday, my principal and two other ladies went to do our long run.  We decided 11 miles would be good.  We started at 445 and I didn’t get done until three hours later!  I ran for 2.5 miles at the beginning then had to walk, run, walk the rest.  The heat started to bother me the last hour as well as my legs were starting to hurt.  It seemed like forever before we were done.  During the last part of the run, all I could think about is how the illegal immigrants must feel walking through the desert. When the heat started getting to me, I was like, Oh, my God! It was 104 at least by the time we were done.  The marathon is next week already!  I am probably going to do a 6 mile run before then. 

I have new found respect for marathon runners now.  I have always been aware that it is a lot of work to train for marathons, but now just realize how mentally and physically tiring it is! I was sore for two days!


8 thoughts on “Marathon Training

  1. amphone

    The history of the original marathon is very interesting. Pheidippides, a Greece soldier ran from a town called Marathon to Athens to to deliver the news of their victory over the Persian. He collapsed and die after the news is delivered. I’m glad you made that run before the real run. Just take it easy. You’ll be fine. Warrior!

  2. Dallas

    11 miles! WOW!

    I can’t even do 1 mile. I hope you take it easy because there is no need to hurt yourself trying to be fit and healthy.

  3. Laotian Teacher

    Yeah 11 miles, but I didn’t run the whole thing! I still felt good that I did it. Being fit and healthy is very important to me. Trust me after my marathon this Sunday, I am going to take a two day rest from working out!:)

  4. amphone

    Laotian Teacher is narmba wan, all the modestly, and humbleness. Yeah, she did it. First marathon, congratulation! Good time too. Good job teacher. Enjoy 🙂

  5. Laotian Teacher

    Thank you Amphone! You gave me confidence to finish it. I am proud of you! I can’t believe 2:50 for your time. That is simply marvelous! I am glad that you decided to run it with me. Until the next race whenever that will be!

  6. amphone

    Not a problem, glad you did it. My next one is in November in my hometown. Continue on to the next marathon destination. You did it once, you can do it anytime anywhere.

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