Marathon in San Diego

Sunday, August 17, 2008 will go down in history as a momentous day for me.  It seems like yesterday when I made up my mind to do a half-marathon.  Then before you know it, the day arrived, I was ready.  On the day of the race, my friend and I got up early to go to Balboa park so we could hop on the bus to be dropped off at the starting area, Cabrillo monument.  It was weird, but I was not nervous because I knew I would finish no matter what. 

When it was time to line up, my friend and I waited until close to the end.  We were close to the end of the line.  We decided our game plan would be to run for eight minutes, walk for two.  As we watch the waves of runners ahead of us, we patiently waited for the crowd to thin.  I will never forget looking out to the ocean and then back to the large group of runners in front of me.  It was amazing!  Being in a marathon and actually being a part of that huge crowd is so surreal. 

Surprisingly the first six miles were easy, I was enjoying the scenery, focusing on my pace.  As I was running up the hill I met an 70 year old man who was running his third half-marathon.  We stayed with each other for a while until I had to go to the potty, then he went ahead.  I didn’t see him until the end. It was cool that he saw me and give me a high five for finishing.  It took me 3:34 to finish.  That was my official time.  I don’tknow if I will do another half, but I will definitely do a five mile one.


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