Sukiyaki Western Django

I love watching movies, but sometimes I become bored with the predictable plot lines and characters.  It irritates me when the movie preview gives away the entire plot.  Then I ask myself why go see it if I already know what is going to happen! Movie previews now a days are like spark notes, they tell you main plot so you don’t have to go see the film.  What is the fun in that? 

I have to say when I become bored with American movies, I turn to Japanese or Chinese movies to entertain me. They never disappoint me with predictable plot or static characters.  I came across a movie trailer that peeked my interest because it looked like it had dynamic characters and an unpredictable plot line. I have watch tons of American Western movies, but not Japanese ones.  I didn’t even though there were Japanese Westerns!  This film: Sukiyaki Western Django looks like a twisted take on Westerns complete with rapid fire gun fights, bad cowboys vs. good.  Check the preview out.


3 thoughts on “Sukiyaki Western Django

  1. Laotian Teacher

    Amphone and Dallas, the movie does look good. Just looking at the movie, it reminds me of Ku fu Hustle ( my other favorite). The humor, the style of it. I think the whole movie is on youtube but I would rather rent it so I can watch it on a bigger screen.

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