Where in the world is my nose?!


As long as I can remember, I have always been self-conscious of my nose.  Actually in my case, the lack of a bridge on my nose!  I have a flat nose and I used to hate it so much.  I remember as a teen, I would do all these crazy things I heard from other people that would miraculously make my nose more pointy and not as flat.  For example, some adults told me that if I pull on the bridge of my nose every night, it would help.  You know how when you have a headache, you pull on the bridgeof your nose to relieve the tension? Well, I was doing that hoping it would help.  Obviously, it didn’t work because the only thing I got out of it was a red nose!  That really made it noticeable!  Okay, I have to admit, I was very stupid and naive as a teenage and yes desperate for my nose to grow.

Another crazy thing I did was try to put the close pen on my nose thinking that it would help.  That hurt like hell so I quit that real fast!  It felt like a crab grabbed a hold of my nose and refuse to let go!  I’m sure by now you are probably thinking how stupid I was and I couldn’t agree with you more.  The only defense I have is that I was desperate!  I wanted a pointed nose like my American friends! Also, I got tired of some of them asking if I could breathe okay or smell this or that with my flat nose.  My response was always the same, I would indignantly point at my nostrils and questioned , ” Don’t you see these two holes?”  Of course, my friends was joking but it still made me feel self-conscious. It made me wonder, how do they see me?  Do I look weird? Ugly? Do I look like a platypus to them? What would I look like if I had a higher bridge? Would it make me look better or worse?

On a serious note, I did consider rhinoplasty until I saw some Laotians who had it done. It changed the way they look so much that they no longer look ethnic.  It was weird for me to see Laotians who went from having flat noses to pointed noses as I call it.  Of course, it made them feel better about themselves so that is all that matters.  However, for me, I am too scared that it would change my look so much that I will not look like a Laotian anymore. Also, how about if you end up hating it and got stuck with it unless you were willing to redo it again.  That would cost more money, time and pain. For some people they are willing to go under the knife.  As for me, the answer is no to rhinoplasty since I don’t like pain.  Watching those nose surgery has totally freaked me out.

My nose is what identifies me as Asian.



27 thoughts on “Where in the world is my nose?!

  1. Christopher

    At first, I had a problem with my nose. I thought about it and said to myself as well, my nose IS what identifies me as Asian, especially Laotian. My sisters have the perfect noses but I got the short end of the nose stick.

    (If I knew how would post a photo of myself to show my nose, which I call my knob.)

    I am not against people who go under the knife (My mom). Just as long as they feel GREAT about themselves. I believe that is all that matters.

    We have to be proud of what we have.
    “Shake what your momma gave you!” can be put in to play.

    I like the end of your blog with your picture.
    It shows you have pride and you love yourself.

    Try not to compare yourself to other people. I too, grew up with Americans. I wish I could had the noses they have or even the height.

    Our diversity is what brings beauty to this world.
    You are not weird, nor are you ugly.
    You, my friend, are beautiful.

    I hope I do not sound like a motivational speaker.
    You have to remember I am the youngest of 7 sisters.

    Until then, can’t wait to read more…

  2. amphone

    It’s a little here, a little there, adding them all up, what do we have? Ta da! Laotian teacher is not a bad looking chick. 🙂

  3. Laotian Teacher

    Christopher, we should start a flat nose club!:) I have two sisters and two brothers andI think my nose is the flattest. My little sister Annie has a good nose. My other little sister Jiep has a similiar nose to mine. I can’t believe you are the youngest of seven! Your house must be like a party everyday!

    I agree that we should be proud of who we are, and try not to change ourselves so much where we can not tell our ethnicity anymore. You are right every individual should do what makes them feel great about themselve without losing themselves in the process.

    Hello, Amphone! You actually have a good nose unlike mine! So I guess you didn’t get tease a lot!:)

  4. Laotian Teacher

    Missphom, thanks for word of praise. I don’t know if your nose is flatter, but mine is definitely flat. I have no bridge. I think it would be cool to use technology to change my face. I’m not talking about surgery, I’m talking about those computer program that surgeons use to show people what their nose would look like after surgery. I need a program where I can superimpose my face on the screen then add a more pointy nose to see how it would change my face.

  5. Ali

    I randomly came across this blog trying to look for ways to make my flat nose look…well, less flat. I’ve always considered rhinoplasty myself and my mom had it done, but she felt that it didn’t have a dramatic enough effect to justify the amount of pain and recovery she had to deal with. She has always been very supportive of me having surgery and was actually more excited about the idea than I was. I was actually really hesitant for the same reasons as you. I was afraid that it would change my face so much that old friends wouldn’t recognize me and I didn’t want it to be so obvious that I had gotten work done.
    I decided not to get the surgery and most likely won’t because I have a fiance who loves my nose and I’d feel a little odd about changing it. Regardless, I still do struggle with the way I look and the fact that I don’t fit what is considered classically beautiful here. I keep thinking that I’m attractive…except for that nose, though I have become more accepting of it.
    Anyway, this long post was really just meant for me to tell you that when I saw your picture, and you essentially have the same nose as I do, I was so taken aback. You are absolutely gorgeous! I keep thinking that the only thing people could see on my face is my nose, but I look at you and you are completely beautiful.
    I’m sure I’ll always have some qualms about my nose, but you definitely inspire me to remember that we are the ones who tend to focus on what we think are flaws when in reality, others just see the beauty in the whole face.
    Ok, that was totally cheesy, but I just wanted to share my nose feelings 🙂

  6. Laotian Teacher

    Ali, thank you so much for your compliment, I really needed it. You understand what I mean when I wonder how others see me. You know they can tell us what we look like, but unless we are able to read their minds we don’t know if they are sincere or not. It’s the craziest thing this nose obsession! It’s weird how some Americans are worried about their hips, thighs or boobs, but for some of us Lao people, we are worried about our nose!

    It has taken me a long time to accept my nose as part of me, what makes me unique, what sets me apart. If I were to use plastic surgery to change my physicality so much… it would take away the sense of pride I have about myself. We should be proud of our features no what race we are. When we try to look like other people, then we loose our uniqueness. You are right we do tend to focus on what we perceived as our flaws… something is a flaw because we label it as such… it is up to us to not put a tag on any part of our body and accept it. If it is going to make us feel better than once again it is up to us to decide what and how much.

    The bottom line I think is to not change ourselves physically without nurturing our inner beauty first. I think we need to change from inside to outside instead of hoping that by changing the outside we would feel better inside. It doesn’t work that way.

    Be who you are and not what you think people want you to be!:)

  7. Grady

    That’s ,well, interesting and sad at the same time. I personally prefer a flat nose. I think it’s very attractive. To me it doesn’t matter if the part of the bridge disappears. This is one of the main reasons I think most Filipinos, Vietnamese, (and yes Laotians) are usually attractive. I have also always enjoyed almond shaped eyes. Sometimes I hear some Japanese and Korean girls wish they had a longer nose and think about rhinoplasty if their nose is barely flatter than their peers. Some of them say their nose is flat and I see their nose and it looks similar to a Caucasian nose! Rhinoplasty is very common in Korea and among Japanese-Americans and Korean-Americans and is easily the most common plastic surgery they undergo. When some of them have their “after” photo (and some that were born with a long nose) some of them look asian with a caucasian nose. To me it can look unnatural. I live in Hawaii and their are lots of Japanese and Filipinos here. I guess I was created to let them know it’s not always true! Some of them have this preconceived notion that caucasian eyes and nose is the key to being more attractive. My caucasian peers don’t feel this way though(I’m a caucasian man 21 years old btw). Sorry I don’t have a photo. They could care less. Ali is right; they look at the whole face. I also have this Japanese friend who’s husband is white. He said he liked her eyes and she should dye her hair back to black. Hawaii also has a lot of Japanese magazines and they choose the women with bigger eyes and a longer nose and they all look the same! Yes, I think you have a nice nose. In the beginning I said the post was sad because I think you look very attractive. The other girls must have envied you! (I’m not necessarily referring to your friends).

  8. Laotian Teacher

    Grady, you made some really good points about how many Asians think if they have Causasian eyes and nose, they will be more attractive. I think some of the blame is the media, but most of it is our own self-perception. Also, I think we believe that the opposite sex find certain qualities attractive so we try to “fit” that image. I’m not saying that is why I felt self-conscious about my nose. I felt self-conscious when I was growing up because others pointed out to me that my nose was flat.

    I think it’s interesting what you said about living in Hawaii and seeing all the mags with the pics of girls who look similiar. That is sad because they should showcase diversity more so that people can see that beauty does really come in different shapes, sizes and races.

    You are right some Asians do look unnatural with pointed nose or eyes that has been cosmetically altered. It takes away from their uniqueness and ethnicity.

    Thank your for your candid opinion and perspective. It is good to hear the male point of view.

  9. Jesus

    Why in the first place desire a caucausian nose?
    Diversity is beauty. Apes, monkeys all over the world possess varying features depending on the place they live, the uniquely flat faced sloth, the tiny faced capuchin, the long faced baboon and so do goats, camels, dogs, etc.
    each possesses a beauty uniquely his own the other can never have.
    the bulldog would not be so beautiful did it not possess a FLAT nose. and so do other pug-like species from china and all the asiatic mastiffs from asia. what would the world do if it had only long-nosed dogs from the north. similar law applies to man. a mammalian kin. be proud of your NOSE, that’s the very reason you are ASIAN and not CAUCASIAN. why does everyone want to be a caucausian clone? be proud of your heritage.

  10. Laotian Teacher

    Jesus, good points you’ve made . I am feeling better about my nose and have become used to it now. I agree that our noses make us distinct and it seperates us from others no matter what our race is.

  11. Jesus

    You need to feel GREAT about your nose.
    It is what makes you BEAUTIFUL and UNIQUELY so.
    Caucasians more or less look alike with their noses but african and asian noses have so many variations which gives each new face its unique character.

    Media and self hating inverts may force a person to discard his uniqueness and settle for another generic run of the mill caucasian nose.

    The standard in media of beauty as a white, latina, arab caucasian thing has destroyed many beautiful blacks and asians.

    Why should a pointed hull nose be the definition of beauty?
    It is racism when the standards for beauty are based on caucasian standards.

    Flat rounded noses are beautiful and make for a perennially youthful face.
    Caucasians age faster than Asians or Blacks
    A long nose would look odd on a pug just as a flat nose would on a belgian malinois
    You’ll never see a bulldog with a bandaged nose wanting to lengthen its nose to look like an Afghan hound.
    And to many people, the bulldog is far far more beautiful than its long nosed counterpart.
    Just like the Judeo-Christian religion= being taken as ‘dogmatized truth’, the obsession with a caucausian nose is just that= That which is interpreted as truth= is merely in fact the perception of the “powerful” imposed on the public.

    people need to see beyond that.
    The universal definition of beauty as a white caucasian thing is merely a thing of power implemented on the masses world wide. Inverse racism
    the brainwashing begins from birth, but we need to rise above the ‘truth powerplay’. Beauty is subjective. If blacks were the most powerful race on earth, people would strive to look like them. And perhaps blacken their skin instead of whiten it. That which passes itself as truth is merely perception of those in power.

    And so on and so forth. All the human race sprang forth from Africa and variations in physical features are brought on by different environmental conditions. Similarly, caucasians are descended from Arabs and Indians with differences in skin color due to climate, hence their similar facial features. If your fellowmen are self-hating and want to impose their self-hate on you and their obsession with white male/female trophy mates. Simply refuse to join the bandwagon. At the end of the day, nobody can make you feel inferior WITHOUT your own consent.

    A person without any self-hate will see true beauty in its varying forms and races: caucasian, asian or black.

  12. Jesus

    Create a need and fill a niche
    in part has been the white media all over the world

    “there are no tyrants without willing slaves”

    thank god obama stuck to his african nose

    and then now, black will be the new politically correct white in a matter of time

  13. NO NAME:)

    Well, I’m not asian. I’m fully american. And I’m 15 years old with a flat nose. It does not look like yours. It’s the upper bone and it grew flat. I remember one day my friends pointed it out and made me cry. I felt so self-concisous. But I realized that that’s just me. that’s how God wanted my nose to look. I’m still a little self-concisous about it, but I know I will accept it someday!:)

  14. Lucas

    I have been seeing this girl from Thailand and her nose do bother me though she seems to be fine with the way she looks. Total disregard of the complex this is based on is atm impossible but I can identify it and somewhat alter my views since I do not want to carry on the brainwash from early age that has led to this. I consider it good when someone takes appearance into account on a logical level but anything else would be based on the view that we inherit and this is what sets us back. Though nothing of this should be of importance since what matters is the way YOU feel about it and you already have a guy in your life that accepts you for who you are, what more can you ask for? I do not believe OB to be a shallow person, obviously she carry allot of luggage when it comes to her own appearance but this whole topic is about shallowness and vain. Your identity shouldn’t be jeopardized by a nose job thought this could make your background questionable, why would you want typical traits? No matter where you come from people looks different. I think the greatest effect this kind of procedure have is how you are perceived. Most will show a positive reaction while thinking something entirely different, worst would be those who think of you in a bad manner since of the values you put aside. If you question the way people view upon you at this stage you better find a different solution.

  15. Laotian Teacher

    Lucas, so you are saying that her nose DOES bother you or do you mean to say that it DOESN’t bother you? You are right what matters is the way you feel about yourself. However, somtimes even the most confident person feel bad about their nose, or other body parts. It is human nature.

  16. robert

    I was just stopping in to say it is great to be proud of your nose, I am American Black with a tall nose. My girlfriend is from Thailand she has a flat nose and is always talking about how she want her nose to be tall like mine. I was attracted to her because of she is natural and I love her flat nose. I hope in the future she could accept it as much as you do. Well when I went to Thailand i see why she wanted her nose tall, cos thats what alot of Thai women do is get a nose job. I will support her either way, but I told her I muc rather her stay natural with her flat nose.

  17. Laotian Teacher

    Robert thanks for stopping by and sharing your story.

    It took me awhile to accept my nose because I had to learn to be love myself as I am. I know what you mean about Thailand because it is famous for plastic surgery. You can pretty much get anything done there. Maybe you should tell her to come read this blog so she can see what others think. 🙂

    I think it is great that you will support her no matter what.

  18. I enjoyed this post very much. I will definitely be visiting your blog more.
    I’ve always felt self-conscious about my nose.
    But I felt the same way you did when you saw other Laotians’ nose jobs. I saw my Vietnamese friends with their nose jobs and it totally changed their faces, making them look more “Western”. I guess that is the point of them getting it done in the first place.
    Like you, I do want to still look Asian. I used to desire for a rhinoplasty very much. After a lot of thought, research, and reading your post, I definitely don’t want to. I’m too scared what the outcome will be.
    Thank you for this post.

  19. Laotian Teacher

    Vana, your nose is more pointy than mines. I don’t think you need to fix it or change it. By the way, my grandfather is Vietnamese and his last name is the same as yours.

    Back the topic: I think people should get plastic surgery if it makes them happy, but they have to make sure they will be able to handle the consequences or the effects. Some surgery is dangerous or irreversible.

  20. Zoe

    I use to have a flat nose buy I had rhinoplasty and I totally regret it and want to take it out. Funny how now I appreciate flat noses and wishes I never did a nose job. Flat noses are cute and it makes you look younger. I’m so glad you never got it done. Building a bridge n making the nose pointy hardly ever looks good on a person who originally have a flat nose. I know a couple of people with flat noses that got it done and none of it look good, they all look better their natural self. I wish almost everyday to look like my old self. I wish I never did it. It took my cuteness away. Everytime I take pictures it sometimes don’t look like myself And sometimes I look so odd to me. I’m Asian too so I can relate. Be happy and proud of your cute baby face. Love & blessings!

  21. Laotian Teacher

    Zoe, thanks for hte compliment!:) It’s funny that you refer to my face as cute baby face. I am going to be 39 in April!:)

    The only person I know who had their nose done is my cousin’s mom and an Vietnames doctor did it. She was the first one in the community to do it. I think she looks better before as well. I think we all go through stages in our lives where we are unhappy about different parts of our body. Some of us can get pass that, but some feels the need to do something. When I look at my face, the first thing I notice is my lips or nose and vice versa.

    I think as we grow older, we become more comfortable with what we look like or maybe we just become more resigned to our fate!

  22. Sue

    I like a flat nose better than a pointy nose, I am European-American and my nose is okay to other people, but I don’t like it, probly most Asian people who don’t want a flat nose might want my nose, but I totally want thiers, the grass is always greener huh, Asian people who have a flat nose want a European nose, many Europeans want a less prominant nose, like Iranians, they have such a large percentage of nose jobs (Iranians are Caucasians, I know that many Asians are ignorant when it comes Europeans and race, there is no real “white” people it is like calling Koreans and Han Chinese “White” and then considering the South-east Asians a different race, I know this b/c I am olive toned/naturally tan skin, almond eyes, dark hair, and 100% European, and all my life people ask me and tell me that I MUST be mixed race, but I am not) But Europeans want a small nose to be more “exotic” and it seems now that some Asians want a more prominant nose to be more “exotic”. It seems that being “exotic” is relative to where you are and what you think. I LOVE your so called “flat” nose, it is soooooooooo cute, a small nose is cute on anyone I think, no matter their race. You are very pretty, be happy!

  23. wendy

    What I have to say is: you’re very beautiful.
    But I really hate my nose. I’m 18 and I want to get a nose job. But i don’t think my parents would agree.. My nose is very flat, I don’t even have a nose bright. When I was young, my classmates are still asking me why my nose is so flat. Sometimes they are laughing at me. I feel so sad about it. 😦

  24. Steve

    Hi…I’m really happy indeed for you my friend. Yeah for the start, I would like to thank you for this page. I am an islander (a male) from the Pacific ocean and my country is Solomon Islands. Maybe you’ve heard about it or not, that’s where I came from.
    Honestly speaking I’ve got one flat wide ugly nose too. I started noticing my flat nose when I was in high school. i would look in the mirror and swear to myself. I would blame my father for passing the nose to me. I would dream that one day I’d change the way my nose looks.
    Just recently, I started browsing through Google and found this page. I was looking for any information on “How to make a pointed nose.” All my siblings have good pointed and hawk noses except me. I ended up in so many situations in life just to shorten my life. Why? I was unhappy with the way I look. I took lots of smoking drugs like marijuana, cocaine plus others. I just hated my nose so much. I often avoided beautiful girls if they came towards or close to me. I felt if they see me, their first impression would be my nose. This is really disgusting for me for the past 27 years of my life.
    But this page really encourages me for the start. My family is really poor so to afford surgery and stuff is difficult too. So I thank you so much for this site. It makes me accept who I am. Although people may laugh at my nose, I can’t say nothing now cos this is what God gave me. Maybe God has a nose like me too. I heard from Dad that humans are created in God’s image. That’s the only thing I feel proud of too.

    Much Love my friend!

    1. Laotian Teacher

      Steve, nice to meet you as well. Thank you for telling me your story as well because it is nice to know that there are others who has the same problem. You are correct, God made us so we should be happy with what we have. As long as we have our health we should be happy. There are those out that in worse shape then we are.

  25. ian

    everything is for a reason so maybe you have a flat nose for a purpose 🙂 the best thing is to be honest about your self and be who you are that’s how we can enjoy life . You look good with your nose i think you dont have to make it pointed it matches the shape of your face and thats what makes you attractive. 🙂 i’m male i have pointed nose brown eyes and black hair and i dont hate it 😛 🙂

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