Jon Foo starring in Tekken

A couple of months ago, my cousin had called me to tell me that she was an extra on a new movie called Tekken.  Before she could tell me anything else I was screaming in her ear. Of course, I heard of Tekken I told her because we have the game.   I’m not good at it and most of the time I don’t have time to play it, but I love the graphics. 

I still remember when Street Fighter was made into a movie and then Mortal Combat.  Needless to say, most people probably think they were both cheesy and horrible, but I still love it.  Once again I love any movie with martial arts in it.  I’m sure Tekken is going to be much better because the of the cast.  My cousin couldn’t tell me much because she signed a confidentiality contract, but she did tell me that Luke Goss was in it.  Here are some more info about the cast:

1. Luke Goss:  he starred in One night with the King in which he played King Xerxes.  The movie was a good story about the Jewish people and how they were rescued by Queen Ester who was married to King Xerxes.  At the time, Jews were getting persecuted because of their religion and Queen Ester risked her on life to save her people. The other well known movie he starred in was Hellboy II as Prince Nuada.  Of course, some people couldn’t tell it was him because of all the make-up.  In Tekken he plays Steve Fox. Picture below of the character from website.  After Tekken he stars in a comic book adaptation with Jenna Dewan in Magdalena as Kristof.  Whatever, movie he stars in I will definitely watch since he is talented and not bad on the eyes!

Steve Fox

2. Jon Foo:  he is going to play the character Jin Kazama is an amazing Wushu master.  He actually is part of Jackie Chan’s stunt crew. When he starred in Onk Bok as a villian, the was in the major fight scene with Tony Jaa.  I remember  thinking that he was such a good martial artist, but my attention had been focused on Tony Jaa.  Knowing Jon Foo’s martial arts background, he will definitely showcase his skills as Jin in Tekken.

3. Cung Le:  he is going to star as Marshall Law. I fixed noticed him fighting in the MMA against Frank Shamrock.  I was blown away that a Vietnamese mixed martial artist defeated Shamrock who has been around since the beginning of the UFC. According to Wiki, “Cung Le is undefeated in his professional San Shou career (17-0-0). He has won three US Open International Martial Arts Championships (1994, 1995,1996). He has also won 4 US National Championships.”  He is definitely talented.


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