National Make a Difference Day October 25

My club kids and I prepping a house for paint
My club kids and I prepping a house for paint

October 25 is the National Make a Difference day.  On this day, thousands of people from across the United States will participate in community service on the 25th.  This year my club kids and I are painting in the paint-a-thon for the needy and the elderly.  This past Saturday we did the prep work for the house we are going to paint.  We cleaned the yard, trimmed the tree, and taped off the windows .  In the middle of the work, the homeowner, his daughter and son-in-law came by to see how much work was done.  The little old man was staying with his daughter because his wife who had alheizmer disease broke her shoulder when she fell.  Since the old man’s eyesight was failing he needed help so his daughter came to get them.  He was such a sweet old man.  We are excited to paint the house on the twenty-fifth and to see his reaction!

Always happy to help
Always happy to help

 If you want to do something productive on National Make a Difference Day, it’s not too late.  Go to the main website to get ideas!


6 thoughts on “National Make a Difference Day October 25

  1. Laotian Teacher

    Ladyofdarkness, it’s never too late to be a teacher! There is a teacher shortage. You should go for it. It is the most rewarding job.

  2. Laotian Teacher

    Ladyofdarkness, that is awesome that you want to be an elementary teacher. First of all, it takes four years to be a teacher. Some people take less time if they hit it hard like taking 18-21 credit hours a semester. Do you have any college background? I ask because if you do it will be shorter. What you need to do is call to the admission office of the college you want to go to. Tell them you want to get a teaching degree. Ask them to send you a catalog of classes for a major in elementary education. Check this website out: This has a list of the typical education classes you have to take. Also, it gives you more info on the job itself. Let me know what else you want to know okay!

  3. Laotian Teacher

    LadyofDarkness, are you sure you don’t want to go into Secondary education? High school kids are awesome to work with. You can have some great discussion especially in English. I used to teach English, it was my minor.

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