President Obama’s speech

As everyone knows, the 44th president was sworn into office today.  Most of us probably watch the inauguration as well as heard his speech. Personally, I think the speech was well written. It was well delivered in terms of tone, emotion, and effectiveness.  His references/allusions to the Constitution, the Founding Fathers, and the Civil Rights movement contributed to the emotive speech.  He is an effective orator because  his voice is full of conviction and righteousness.  He makes you want to believe that change is acoming!

One of the things he said that stood out was our ‘economic woes are from ‘greed and irresponsiblity”.  To a certian extent I think he is correct.  I think some people are greedy which leads to irresponsiblity to self, family and country.  Some of us are living above our means even though we know the consequences. We justify our “wants” and “needs”.  We live in the moment and totally disregard how it will effect us emotionally, politically, or financially in the future. Our definition of “living the good life’ has drastically changed from things that don’t cost money to things that cost the most.  Our obsession with material goods has override our sense of morals and values, our sense of integrity and self.  Are we letting greed dominate our life to the point that it has made us irresponsible?

I am definitely not saying that EVERYBODY is greedy and irresponsible. I am also not knocking people down who has worked hard for the money.  Power to those individuals who does that and not take advantage of the system. They can spend their money however they want because they have earned it.  All I’m saying is we need to all be responsible citizens:  work hard, pay your bills, and help make this country better.


4 thoughts on “President Obama’s speech

  1. I watched the inauguration and had to wait anxiously for 5 hours since we are 6 hours ahead of the east coast. As a nation we need to wake up from the “buy now, pay later” mentality. We need to learn to make personal sacrifice and save for the future.

  2. Laotian Teacher

    LadyofDarkness, yeah something is changing. Hopefully it will be better.

    Darly, the mentality of buy now, pay later is what has gotten us in trouble in the first place.

  3. amphone

    I didn’t watch the inauguration. I was working. Some people left work and went home to watch the inauguration. I rather work and hear about it from other people what they learned. Greed and irresponsibility, humm, linking with change…interesting. It seems the word change is use extensively,through out the presidential campaign and afterward. Overkill I think. What exactly kind of change this country is looking for the next 4 to 8 years? The forever changing world has been turning and evolving. Individually, we all can change and evolve toward betterment. Good luck to change.

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