Bare Naked

Yesterday, when I was eating my favorite granola from the Bear Naked company, I read their little blurb on the back of the package. What got my attention was this phrase: strip away the clutter and truly live your life. I love it because it reminded me of how sometimes we “clutter” our lives with the wrong people, things, or thoughts that end up stressing us out. It’s ridiculous how we put up with people because we don’t want to hurt their feelings or we are simply too tired to put up a fight.Also, why do we waste our time complaining about things we can’t change? Why do we allow ourselves to get worked up over something someone says to us or about us? Why do we give others the power to control our lives, thoughts and action when we are fully capable of being in the driver’s seat? Why are we afraid to live our life the way we want?

Angry and clothed, there I sit
Nobody cares or gives a shit
Slowly I rise, fist pumping
One by one, buttons popping,
Scattered on the floor,
As I stride toward the door,
People gaping…gasping, “ Who does she think she is?”
I shouted, “ Whoever I want to be!”


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