Full Metal Alchemist

Picture from reiq.ws

I love reading comic books because of the graphics. My students know I love it as well. I read Watchmen before the movie so I could discuss it with my students. Then another student heard that I love comics so she gave me the Full Metal Alchemist to read, the whole series. It’s funny how I’m always the one pushing books on students to encourage reading and now they are doing the same. I still have yet to read Full Metal Alchemist because grading papers have put a hold on my favorite pass time. However, I love this quote from Full Metal which says, ” Teachings that do not speak of pain have no meaning… because humankind cannot gain anything without first giving something in return”.  This is pretty profound and so true. It makes me wonder if we learn more from pain or from pleasure or happiness? In order for us to transform our lives or learn a lesson, do we have to learn a painful lesson?



2 thoughts on “Full Metal Alchemist

  1. Mark

    I would really like to not believe that but looking over our history (human kind), it seems that this quote has more truth to it than not.

    I stumbled upon your post by googling this exact quote myself, so I already have done some thinking about it.
    The first example that comes to mind is parenting( or teaching 😉 ). The amount of time one person puts in to the child / student has a direct effect onto societies future. Or HOW that time is spent with the the child / student.

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