Are we forgetting the reason for the season?

Tis the season to be jolly, fa la la la la la! Christmas is my favorite holiday! I love the ambience of the season, the smell of fresh Christmas trees and pine cones. I love shopping for gifts for my family because it makes me happy to give to others. However, being a single mother with two kids put a brake on my shopping. Now, I have to be careful how much I spend. I even told the kids to tell me what they want, but to keep in mind my budget. Both my son( 8 years old) and daughter (11 years old), did not have a problem with that. They understand and know that I will not buy them a bunch of toys  because it is wasteful especially when they play with it a couple of times and then lose interest. So, a couple of years ago, I decided that I was not going to waste my money on buying toys but instead books, music, arts & crafts and clothes. Of course, I still buy them some toys but not like I used to and my kids do not complain. In fact they know how lucky they are because they have friends who will not have a good Christmas this year because their mom told them today that they will not be getting any Christmas gifts because she has no money. When my daughter told me that today, I asked if she was willing to give up one of her gifts to her friend and she said yes. To ensure that the kids have a good Christmas, I am going to bring the two girls to the house so they can make cookies, play games and hang out with us.

Christmas is about giving, not receiving.


2 thoughts on “Are we forgetting the reason for the season?

  1. wordsyouwant

    That’s really sweet of you. We just spent the day at the mall shopping for the child off of the Angel Tree we picked out. My husband randomly chose it and one of his “wishes” was for a bike. My husband remembered getting a bike from the Salvation Army when he was a kid and wanted to pass on a bike to the boy we got from the Angel Tree. We spent more than we planned, but it really is about making sure the kids have a good Christmas and I’m sure we have made this little boy’s day.

  2. Laotian Teacher

    Wordsyouwant, that is wonderful because the memories the little boy will have with the bike is priceless. Last year I had my kids pick from the Angel Tree as well, but the place where we were supposed to drop off the present was a fire station which had a locked gate which we had to go to a certain time. I was frustrated from it all. So I decided to give something to kids I know so I can see their faces when they open their present.

    I truly believe that you will get something good back for your act of charity. Merry Christmas!

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