Christmas memories

Growing up in a Laotian household during Christmas is different than in an American household. Looking back, I don’t even remember when was the first time we actually traded gifts or our parents giving us gifts. I don’t quite remember the exact date we picked up this American holiday and made it a part of our tradition, but I think it was high school. Of course, at the church (Highland Baptist Church) we had Christmas dinners and we understood the meaning of Christmas, but at home we still ate Lao food during Christmas. Since I did not have the best of Christmas while in high school, I wanted to make it better for my little cousins. So, when I was going to college, I would use my money to buy gifts for them so they didn’t have to do what I did at their age which was to lie to my friends about the “the gifts” I got for Christmas. I didn’t want my friends to know that we didn’t get gifts because my parents didn’t celebrate it.


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