Commercialism of Christmas


As a kid one of my favorite Christmas movie was Charle Brown’s Christmas. Everytime it came on I would watch it. I love the simplistic cartooning, the simple (or not) story, the different personlities of the stories. I especially love watching it while it is freezing and snowing outside which reflects the snowy scenes in the movie.  As an adult, I still love the story, but now I have a greater appreciation and understanding of the story line and message. Like this particular scene with Charlie Brown and the gang where they “jazz” up the tree. There scrawny tree reminds me of the ones we had in high school where we would throw a bunch of those fake red, blue or gold garland on it as well as the big colorful lights. Just like Charlie Brown’s tree, our tree was cheap, threadbare, scrawny, but loved. I would sit there and stare at the twinkling lights, the shining fake garland and not noticed that it was missing ornaments. Just like Charlie Brown and his gang, I appreciated that fact that I HAD a tree. It didn’t matter to me that it did not have expensive ornaments, lights or all the whistles and bells. 

I love this clip because it reminds me of how Christmas has become a competition of sort for people in terms of the most expensive gifts, the most outrageous or extravagant tree etc… When have we become so materialistic? When has the holiday been about expensive gifts and bragging rights? We should all learn from Charlie Brown, appreciate what you have and not envy what others possess.


One thought on “Commercialism of Christmas

  1. My first time putting up a Christmas tree was for my nephew Danny, he came to live with us and we went out and got the live tree, my dad had to help us put it together in his basement, as you can see that Christmas was not so big at my dad’s household either.

    I was talking to my co-worker and was surprised to hear that she spends as much as $300 per kid (she has 2), and she is the only one working, her husband got laid off the beginning of this year. She said that this is a step down from the previous years, shocking to hear.

    Charlie Brown Christmas is my all time favorite also.

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