First Laotian National Conference Workshops

The workshops may change due to speaker availability and scheduling conflict. If you would like to be on a panel for any of these strands or be a presenter, please contact us ASAP. Thank you very much for your time and consideration. Day 1: Workshops (Whitcomb Ballroom) Registration/Check-In 8:00 A.M. at entrance of Whitcomb Ballroom Opening Remarks 9 A.M. Introduction, Sponsors acknowledgement, and Special Thanks

Community Organizing and National Development (9:30-10:30) Advocacy, coalition building, networking, capacity building, philanthropy, fundraising, volunteerism, community organizing/activists, 501c3 IRS tax status, and the origin and why Laotian defined. LANA goal getting Congress to recognize Laos as part of Vietnam War which is why we are here and the fact that this helps the veterans and other benefits, need to look up benefits others have received such as tuition assistance throughout the US. Strenghtening our presence in the US museums in history as Laotians

Oral History Panel Part 1 (10:30-11:30) Why are we all here in America? Why are we legal refugees? What does it mean to be refugees? What happened when Laos was invaded by Vietnam? Listen to former Laotian Veterans and elders tell the forgotten story of their flight out of the country to refugee camps. How did the Vietnam war effect the country economically, socially, and politically.

Language Preservation: Lao font and more (11:30-12:30) Language preservation issues have arisen for each Lao ethnic community. What does it mean for us in terms of cultural preservation, funding, for our children and grandchildren within the diapora of Laotian Americans and Asian Americans?

Lunch Break ( 12:30-1:30) refreshments provided to participants

Health: Hep B (1:30-2:30) New health bill and what it means in the long run. What is preventive medicine ? What is reactive medicine? Learn about health issues that affects the Asian community and what preventive measures can be taken. Get the latests information on Hep B, Thalassemia, liver cancer, heart issues, and many more health concerns. Decennial U.S. Census 2010 (2:30-3:30) Presentation of the importance of the Census and what it means to the Laotian Community. Free census info will be handed out.

 Nonprofit fundraising (3:30-4:30) Learn how you can start a nonprofit organization and what you can do to fund it. Discover fundraising opportunities and resources.

 Branding: Media – mainstream, ethnic, and social media marketing (4:30-5:30) Learn why the media is integral and critical to any organization success. Utilizing new technology and social media to get the word out for our community. What works and what new technologies are out there. Learn about the lastest technology to use for your organization or personal use.

Career Workshops (5:30-6:30) Learn how to write the perfect resume or ace that interview. Hear from other professionals from a variety of fields and discover their secret to success. This is a great opportunity for professionals to network. Reception to honor our unsung heroes: Laotian Veterans of the Secret War in Laos/Vietnam War

Day 2: Workshops (Whitcomb Ballroom)

Business/Entrepreneurs (9:00-10:00) Learn about the benefits and how to obtain the Women and Minority Owned certifications. What you should know about Supplier Diversity, Government Contracts, SBA loans, Business Plans, and access to capital. Tips on surviving in a tough economy.

Healthcare: Elders (10:00-11:00) Do you know the difference between Medicaid and Medicare? Come to this insightful workshop that is both informative and interesting. Learn what each healthcare providers will cover. Workshop is a comprehensive look at the requirements and benefits for both program.

Mental Health (11:00-12:00) Often in the Laotian community, mental health is an issue that is overlooked. This session will cover a wide range of topic from youth dating and domestic violence, to a variety of mental illness that is rarely discussed due to culture. Powerpoint presentation and discussion.

Lunch Break: 12:00-1:45 refreshments provided to participants

Money, savings, and retirement 101 (social security) (2:00-3:00) How can you save, invest and plan for the future in a time of economic recession? Do you have enough to retire? How can you pay for your child’s education? What companies offer services that will help you plan for the future? When and how can I qualify for social security benefits?

 Education (3:00-4:00) Model minority myth: true or false for Laotian Americans? The workshop will center on important issues such as the statistics of Southeast Asian students specifically Laotians in regards to education attainment as well as available scholarships, fellowships, internships, academic counselors, and student associations. If you are still trying to figure out what is the next step for you, come to this informative workshop on vocational and technical schools as well as universities and colleges. Parents, teens are your needs being met, do you know the law, do you know what NO Child Left Behind Act mean for you and your child? California UC Admission policy change, how this affects you in getting into the 9 UC campuses if this change becomes effective fall of 2012 and how this will impact potentially other universities across the U.S.

 Oral History Panel Part II (4:00-5:30) Presentation on what it means to Laotian, Hmong, Lao, Khmu, American of Laotian descent, Preservation of cultural Identity followed by a panel discussion with our experts and volunteers. The panel will consist of people from different generations and background. This is an wonderful opportunity for the workshop participants to interact, share their ideas, and stories.

Closing Remarks, acknowledge sponsors, volunteers, and announcements: 2nd ILNYF, etc Contact: Sirch Chanthyasack, MBA CEO LANA 501c3 Est 1999 415-680-4027 PST Anasone Silivongxay, 2nd Vice Chair


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