Shelter Island, San Diego

In a recent trip to San Diego, my daughter and I took turns taking pictures. This is one my favorite. We stayed at The Island Palms Hotel & Marina  on Shelter Island, San Diego. When we walked to the back of the hotel, this is our view.  It was a gorgeous day. The kids and I and my siblings enjoyed our stroll along the little pier if you could call it that. While I was staring at this boats, I noticed the different sizes of the craft. Some boats were small, modest, and even a little worn out, but nevertheless still had the opportunity to share that waterway with the most expensive or more extravagant boats.  Just like the idfferent size of the boats and the wealth of its owner, I am reminded of life in general and how we all have the same opportunity to do what we want, get what we want, go where we want… we just have to choose our own destination. These boats represents the idyllic life… a life after retirement where you can just sail literally into the sunset.  I would love to have a boat one day and just cruise.  It wouldn’t matter the size.  In fact, one of my co-worker keep telling me that he was going to get me a tin fishing boat and a straw hat so I can go row myself around a little lake somewhere…


3 thoughts on “Shelter Island, San Diego

  1. Those are beautiful photos, I would love to visit CA someday and hope to bring my family with me.

    Bo also dream of having a boat one day so he could take us and his parents cruising, wishful thinking. 🙂

  2. Laotian Teacher

    Nye, you would San Diego and the place we stayed at is normally 150.00 a night but we got an internet special so it was only 100.00 a night and you wake up to this beautiful ocean view in the front and the view of the harbor in the back

    I am a total fan of Bird! I absolutely love him and those tickets are expensive! My goodness on a teacher budget that is out of my rang as well!

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