How long would you wait for the right person? Your entire life?

Last night I watched the movie, “The Time Traveler’s Wife”. I had read the book several months ago, but just got around to watching the movie. As with any book that is made into a movie, there is always some part ir elements of the story that is left out. One element that is well translated is the love the main characters have for each other. The movie centers around their relationship and the effects his time traveling has on their relationship.  The main character would instantaneously disappear at odd hours  or time of the day. Sometimes, his disappearance (even though it is not voluntarily) upsets her because she needs him and he is not around. For many people, they can totally relate to this and they do not have to have a time traveler spouse… it could be because of a job especially those who has military wives or husband. These individuals have to fend for themselves quite often. This constant disapperance due to the responsibilty of a job… interrrupts the relationship and puts a strain on it.  Just like the main character, he tells her that he does not want her to wait for him but she says she that she has always been waiting for him and will continue to do so.  How many of us can actually wait for that perfect love, the kind where you feel totally content when you are with that person and no longer feel like you are still searching? How many of us, can say that the person we are with is “it” the “one” … our soul mate?  How many of us are settling for the next best thing because we think we will not find the “perfect love?”   How many of us if given the choice or chance to briefly be with someone that we feel intensely about , instead of being with someone that we feel content with for the rest of our lives?  I ask this question because of the quote from the movie: “Is it better to be extremely happy for a short time, even if you lose it, than to be just ok for your whole life?”
Audrey Niffenegger (The Time Traveler’s Wife)


4 thoughts on “How long would you wait for the right person? Your entire life?

  1. The only certain thing in life is uncertainty, I think this is true with love and relationship also. Sometimes it is not up to us to decide, you might have a perfect relationship today, and things might happen tomorrow that will change everything, and not much that you can do about it.

    If it were me, I would wait for that person, not perfect though because I know that no body is perfect. When you do meet that person, I think it just feels right and you would know it, and it takes a lot of patient and understanding for a relationship to stand the test of time.

  2. Laotian Teacher

    Nye, in the past year I have definitely learned that life is uncertain. You are totally right that one day a relationship may seem perfect, but something can disrupt that and make us realize that it is not what we want and that we are just settling.

    What I meant when I say the “perfect love” is something that fits us, or someone that fits us according to what we want and need. Nobody is perfect, but when we are in love we can say that person is “perfect” because we like them just as they are.

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