People in our lives

It is almost time for the International Lao New  Years! I will be going to San Francisco again for  New Year, but also for the first Laotian National Conference. During my last trip, I meet some amazing individuals like Jonny Olsen, Ai Thavi (I met him first when Euiy Dara and I had to pick him up at the airport), and Ai Vong.  My sisters and I met all of them on our first day  in San Francisco.  We had gone  to a Thai restaurant to eat and there they were.  Of course, being the social butterfly that I am, I started talking to them and introduce my sisters. They were very friendly and social. Even though Jonny is American, he acts like he is Khon Lao so he blended in well with all of us.

Everyday we meet people, some will pass through our lives and become passing strangers, some will become acquaintances, some will become our friends for life or even our lovers. These random people effects our lives in small and momentous ways. However, big or small their impact, our lifes are slightly touched.  I am excited about the people I will meet again.


2 thoughts on “People in our lives

  1. Teacher,seriously.No offense.Why do most subject I brought up you seem to put it to perscpective?
    I mean I don’t mind that you filling in the answer.But anyway,did I just heard it right that you going to
    Lao International New Years in San Francisco?You know what I would definelity love to meet you there.I
    lived across the bay.And only 15 minutes to where you are heading.I had ran into an old friend of mine,he’s
    telling that the event is taken places on April 10,and I decided to checked it out.I missed it last year but this
    one i’m making this up for it. Hopefully this worth the trip for me to take my mind of from work to enjoy.I
    would be grateful if you can meet up.Don’t worry If your time is unavailable I totally understand but if you plan
    to change your mind I can arrange you with more info off line privately.If not don’t hold back or feel bad. But
    anyway I hope to talk with you later or maybe ran into you at the New Year feastival.

  2. Laotian Teacher

    Donnie, why don’t you and your friends come be a part of the first Laotian National Conference (April 8th & 9th? I am one of the organizer for it. I will also be at the New Year because I’m part of LANA organization who is co-hosting the event with two other organization. Please help spread the word about the conference. For just 100.00 you can go to both days of conference. Go to our website and register! Click here:

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