What have you done for me lately?!

Does anyone remember who sings this song, ” What have you done for me lately?” or something simliar to that. For some people, they live their life by this motto. It’s all about them. All they care about is what others do for them and could care less about what people think of them. All of us have met those type of people who are extremely self-centered and who believes the world and the people in it is there to serve them. However, on the other hand, we also have met some amazingly unselfish and giving people who makes us feel ashame of ourselves for being so arrogant and self-serving. I am reminded of what Tiger Woods said about his reason for his infidelity. He simply says, ” I felt entitled.” Some of us scoff at him, berate him and called him names for what he did. However, before we go throwing sticks and stones, we better look at ourselves and determine if sometimes we also feel “entitled!” Does our position, ethnicity, age, religion or gender make us feel entitled to do what we want or say what we want?

There is absolutely nothing wrong with being selfish once in a while because we deserve to a treat ourselves here and there. We constantly can not be the giver because even the best of us grow weary of giving and not receiving.

One of the best gift I have ever received was a quote book from my little brother. When he gave me the book, he booked mark it, and highlight this quote: Great people are great because they Give. We remember special people in our life. Most of the time, these people whom we chose to remember are the givers to show me that he appreciates all that I do for me.


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