Clash of the Titans

I’m sure some of you have seen the movie “Clash of the Titans”. Since I am fascinated with mythology, I was extremely excited about seeing this movie. I was hoping it would not disappoint like all the others I had high hopes about like Legions, Book of Eli etc. I was wrong! This movie is similiar to Legions in a sense that the climax was overplayed and in the end did not deliver. For example, in Legions, after the characters fight off some of the “bad” guys, one of them say something a long the line of, “are we done, is that it?” The angel tells them ” The worse is yet to come!” So, there I was sitting, bracing myself for this epic battle between the good and the evil forces… Well that big moment never came! There was no epic battle. It just fizzled. In fact the fight scene between the Angel Michael and Gabriel was so shortlived I would have missed it if I had dozed off! Sadly, in “Clash of the Titans” the same thing happened! The big epic battle between Perseus and the Kraken! When Zeus commanded his brother, Hades to release the Kraken on mankind to teach them a lesson, I was all, ” Yes, finally! Do release the Kraken to teach these arrogant, disobedient humans a lesson!” Well, the Kraken was released but he didn’t do too much manage before he was taken care of by Perseus! The Kraken for all its’ fierce bombastic growling was not as fearsome or wreak as much havoc as we are led to believe! I’m not going to give the details since some of you may not have seen the movie.

There were some interesting and entertaining warriors in the movie as well as a decent fight scene with the desert scorpions, but that’s about it. They should not have called this movie, “Clash of the Titans” because it’s false advertisement! The clash is merely a small cat fight, and the amount of Titans involved is pathetic to count!

Overall, I give this two and half stars out of five.


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