King Kamehameha Point of Interest

King Kamehameha point

One of my favorite tour  stop during my visit to Hawaii is at the location of the “Battle of Kepaniwai” in 1790, when King Kamehameha I’s army defeated King Kahekili II of Maui. Our tour guide told us this is where King Kamehameha’s army pushed King Kahekili’s army over the edge of the cliff. Looking over the cliff, I could imagine the fierce battle and the horror for the soldiers being thrown from the cliff. Our tour guide told us on this mountain, five climate exist and I believe him. It was lightly drizzling and only about 6 of us (my daughter, my sister, the tour guide and three other people) brave the weather and wind to go look out over the cliff. Everybody else stayed on the tour bus. Unfortunately for them the miss an awesome experience. Our tour guide give us the opportunity to look over the cliff as the mist roll over the mountain, and then he took us to an area between the mountains where at one spot it was extremely windy and then a couple of steps away it was calm. I loved this area! So beautiful!

Mist or fog rolling in over the cliff

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