Fumi’s shrimp shack in Hawaii

Fumis Shrimp Shack

On my recent trip to Hawaii, my siblings, mom, daughter and went on the Great Circle Island Tour and one of the stops we made along the way was this shrimp shack called Fumis. Our tour guide told us on the way to the North Shore that there are many shrimp shacks and many of them are good, but he likes Fumis because the owner raises his own shrimp. He said that the owner used to raise the shrimp right behind the shack but people would come in the middle of the night to net the shrimp and steal it. Due to the theft, the owner created new ponds new his residency instead. I don’t blame him!

If you get a chance to go to Hawaii, make sure you make a pit stop at Fumis. I had the Garlic shrimp and it was delicious. It was worth the 12 bucks I paid for it because the shrimps were fresh, big and tasty!

My ginger shrimp
Sisters and daughter impatiently waiting for their food
Old Shrimp pond

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