A seven year old’s perspective on education

My son Austin is in a combo class: 1st/2nd grader. The reason why he is in this class is because he is among the top first graders so he was put into a combo class with the second graders. He can read at a fourth grade level. Many people probably assume that since I am a teacher, I probably work with him constantly on his reading.  It is true that I read to him when he was younger and tried to teach him to read, but he struggled in the summer before his kindergarden year.  He couldn’t read very well at all and then it seemed that by August something click and he was reading well beyond his age.  It shocked me the first time he read Dr. Seuss’s “How the Grinch Stole Christmas” straight through because he had speech problems in his earlier years. To go from having difficulty speaking, enunciating to reading fluidly was amazing to me.  At first I thought he was just repeating what he remembered, but when I would randomly point at words, he would know it or when we would be driving he would read the signs. Once, I realize he can read so well, I took more time to discuss everything with him and yes even the election. When I asked him who I should vote for he said Obama.  I asked him why? He told me because the other guy (McCain) looks weird!  I was laughing at his response, but at least he knew who was running.

 I decided to interview him and get his opinions on education. When try to rephrase his responses he told me to not do that since he is a ” little kid” and he doesn’t use certain words so I decided to take his advice and write what he dictated.

 1. Do you think going to school is important?

Yes, because you get knowledge from math, reading, and writing.

2. Why is it important to have knowledge?

It helps you become smarter and do more things.

3. Can you learn if it is loud in class?

No because I need concentration. I mess up on things when

there’s a lot of noise. I can’t focus.

4. Do you feel that you are being challenged?

It’s boring because I’m not being challenged. We do the same homework. The work is too easy.

5. Do you have lazy kids in class and how can you tell if they are?

Some kids are lazy, they don’t do anything. They just sit there. They don’t listen to the teacher. They probably want attention from the teacher.


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