First generation college student

I grew up in a small town with three middle schools and one high school. Trying to fit in. I fit in just fine. I played sports to fit in. I did gymnastics, ran track. My parents had a hard time supporting my decision. They really wanted me to focus on school but sports is what I love. I even did theatre in HS and I love it! I love acting. Playing a role other than what I was, was a great outlet. Something else my Lao parents didn’t support but they didn’t stop me. They never came to watch me in any plays I was in. But I just accepted it and still acted and played sports.

I was encouraged to attend college but never pushed by my parents. I actually married before I graduated High School. I married my HS sweetheart. I eventually finish college. Yes 15 years later! OMG! that was hard work. To work full time, to be a wife and a mom and raise two children, and to work on BSBA. Very hard but definitely rewarding feeling.

Yes I did take college classes after I got married but one class here and one class there. Then there came our first child. 5 years later still one class here and one class there. 4 years later…. one more child. still one class here and one class there. Until 05 when I decided to stay at home and be a full time student/mom/wife/soccer coach/ptl mom.

But three years of continous school finally paid off. I finally finished and graduated Magna Cum Laude August of 08. I am very proud of myself to finally be done and my parents are proud as well. I am the first in my family to graduate from college. I am proud to set that example for my children. I tell my children college is important.  Even though I am a mom and married school is important and to never give up on your college dream.


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